XCFL’s Bottom Of The Barrel

Whats up fellas i got a special one for you all today, its called “Bottom Of The Barrel”. This article will feature the XCFL’s top 5 worst teams based off winning percentage with a minimum of 50 games played. This one might get a few guys pissed off but frankly I dont give a shit. Believe it or not, yours truly did not make the list. Lets get this shit barrel rollin randers.

#5 Riot

Coming in at number 5 we have the current Panthers owner. Riot has a 33.6% winning percentage and barely cracks into our top 5. Riot is a good user for numerous reasons (besides the winning part of course) but heya couple more wins and you’ll be out of this shit hole.

#4 Jon Eagle

Next up we have the one and only Jon Eagle. Eagle has been with a few different teams and currently is running [into the ground] the New England Patriots. Eagles win percentage is 32.7 and has a career record of 53-109. Congrats bud u hit 50 wins. Eagle is known for joning for a couple months, has multiple losing seasons, pulls off some head scratching trades and then leaves. Eagle man step yo mofuckin game up.

#3 Al

Coming in at 3 we have the one and only Al. Al is an NJ native and obviously doesn’t rep it the correct way. His career record is 73-194 bringing his winning percentage to a mighty 27.3% Al some people been talking from the garden state and said if u dont pick it up there might be a guy in a suit looking for your knee caps.

#2 SJB

Cracking the top 2 is the man behind the glitched madden, SJB. Division rival of the man at #3. And people still wonder why the AFC East is trash. Literally 3 out of 4 are on this list. SJB’s brings in a stellar record of 40-126 with a winning percentage of 24.1% SJB is a twitter guru though so props to him on that i guess.

#1 Stef

Stef money comes in with the worst winning percentage in the XCFL. (Probaly cuz chicks cant play madden) Oh well Stef has a winning percentage of 23.7% with a career record of 18-58. Come on man! Or woman! Whatever step it up!

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