XCFL Power Rankings – Middle of week 12

32. Browns – Cleveland is backed by an elite defense, but their offense is their worst defense so far as Baker seems more Baked during these games as he is once again top 2 in INTs putting the team in a hole.

31, Texans – The QB guru is off his game this year. Texans currently sit at 31 as they self proclaim to “not be a tryhard” when Houston is in town. Noone is sure if thats a mental move, or if they are just relaxing for the draft. Is that tampering? Adam Silver is on the case.

30 Vikings – Minn was looking on the verge of a breakout last year, this year after doing a makeover on the team they fell back into their old ways. The offense has dropped off significantly and the defense hasnt been able to hold on bringing them to a 2-8 record.

29. Rams – LAR has actually drafted extremely well to replenish the age on their roster but unfortunately the team is not in great spirits. In a tough NFC W they havent been able to put it together this year, sitting at 2-8 maybe this offseason they can get the key piece they need to make one final run.

28. 49ers – Also sitting at 2-8 is the 49ers. Splitting with the Rams made this tough who to put over, but as the WWF has shown who cares what the fans think. SF has an anemic offense this year, but has a defense allowing them to play close games and could have snuck away with a few more Ws.

27. Steelers – Can you stop the run? Youll beat the Steelers. Their running game has been impressive but the QB game has a 7:17 ratio and 54 sacks. Might need a little season as the roster has been falling off a long cliff for a while now.

26. Broncos – DEN is prob the most impressive of the 3-8 teams. You never know which team will show up, but when they do they are a great team. Great rushing (YPC) and passing team. Another midseason takeover who has made strides on the roster, with one year remaining they hope to get an influx of talent for one final push.

25. Buccs – TB started off strong, then went away on an actual vacation. Since then theyve falled to the bottom of the rankins. Mostly sim games so stats dont really matter…. but they have the talent from the staff to the plays to maybe make a run next  year in a tough improved division.

24. Lions – Detroit sits at 3-8 in a really tough division. Bears and Packers make the playoffs as elite teams every year. Detiot has amassed a great squad and some great games… They finally have their QB in Wahle (4th year now) who has been clipping the 68% completion mark, and running a good offense in a division they need it.

23. Giants – NY “WTF” Giants. Already set with a QB for the cycle the Giants trade away Wilson for a 4th (really?) round pick and draft a QB in round 1 blindly. So far the Giants are sitting at 3-7 and you have to wonder  if they kept Wilson and brought in additional players this team may see better days. WR Ellerbe (a New England castoff with 2 catches season prior ) is having a season though with  67/1206/14 TDs and Hunt has done well with his limited opportunities. I like to think this is the curse of trading OBJ.

22. Cowboys – Dallas currently sits at 4-6 An injury to Zeke has hurt the team but the backup Smeller has performed well enough. Nothing really stands out about the team though, but the Dallas star is not currently shining.

21. Chargers – Chargers are having a rough year. RB Gallette is plodding to the tune of 3 yards per carry and the defense hasnt been enough to hold. Josh Ross has 18 catches for 581 and has been really impressive in limited touches, not sure why that guy cant ever hang on with one team.

20. Jets – After a trade with the Panthers that has shown to be a disaster the Jets are still playing tough ball. Sitting at 4-6 they missed their Chance to be an elite among the AFC bringing in the wild stallion Parker “give em” Easy “Wins”.

19. Bengals – If you don’t know whats happening with the bengals you better turn on XCFSPN. The only team to have a TE lead the team with catches and yards. Quite a strange formula but its working as the Bengals are on the edge of a playoff bid sitting at 5-5. Couple that with HB Hines who is a weapon in the receiving or running game and these guys are hoping to finish strong for the fans!

18. Dolphins – Miami is a hard team to rank. A couple huge wins and some devastating losses. Currently sitting at 5-5 and just outside of the AFC picture with a few huge games to go. Team has a balanced offense and defense so you really dont know what youre gonna get on any given down. A tough team to match up with.

17. Cardinals – Blitzasaurus has arrived. This team is ride or die on their defensive pressure. If you can beat it you’ll get a win, but if you cant youre going to have a rough game. Currently sitting at 5-5 they are 50% on the defense bringing home the bacon. Offensively the Cardinals are a top tier rushing team which helps keep control on their side.

16. Eagles – Eagles have managed to string a few wins together as the development of their Qb1 is well underway. The team will live or die on his arm. Currently sitting at 5-5 with a tough task to make a move the playoff picture with the NFC E all but won with Jack driving the East dasies.

15. Panthers – Panthers got a new QB and new MLB and it shows. Currently sitting at 5-6 but the ability to beat anyone at anytime is there.

14. Chiefs – Sitting at 5-5 in the lead of INTs which shows how impressive the rest of the team has been. They are an explosive team when not shooting the diarrhea INTs and have a top of the line sack front 7.

13. Colts – Indy is making their move. Sitting at 5-5 and trying to give the AFC S a 3 team wildcard. Their defense has been the star of the show having a top passing defense. Injuries at the QB position seem to derail the most important position on the team so far.

12. Bills – Buffalo could easily be 9-1 or 2-8 but here they are at 6-4. Pretty vanilla team, but vying for a playoff spot backed by Watts and company. QB play has been an issue with a – TD/INT ratio causing fans to power bomb their friends directly on pavement instead of through a table.

11. Falcons – ATL currently sitting at 6-4 but what makes this team impressive is most of the losses were when the coach went on a midseason “holiday”. Dont get confused, this was not a holiday at all… it was just what one may call a “vacation”. While hes sending pics of his yacht on the nile to the team they didnt even bother to show up to games. Since his return they are moving up the ranks to prominence, but are battling for a Wild Card spot as the Saints are showing them their best anaconda impression with a stranglehold on the NFC S.

10. Titans – Tennesse has been on fire as of late. Grabbing a SB win and multiple SB attempts. With a most HB heavy team Tenn has finally joined the ranks of challenging the 32 rule with a new shiny WR toy. Will he be good enough to handle the load vs elite defenses? We will tell come the playoffs as they are a lock to make it.

9. Raiders – Another team in the top 10 in most seasons Oakland has the team set for success. With the coin flip playoff miss they moved to the top 10 and snagged another baller. With great draft selections this team has set itself up with great talent across the board. Ah to see what the Raiders coulda been in the NFL had they kept Mack.

8. Patriots – Patriots are back up to their old shenanigans. Tweet about games they lose when they actually win, owner beratting the players after a win. Its complete dysfunction, winning does not come naturally to these guys and it shows. But its working as the Pats are 8-3 and currently leading the run for the AFC East and a playoff home game.

7 Seahawks – Seattle has been running the wild west for a while now. Currently sitting 8-3 the biggest takeaway is the 25-4 TD/INT ratio for Luck. That is a driving force to their huge success this year.Big 3 loses were Bears, Saints and Falcons…. with a win over the Titans but unfortunately thats not a matchup they’ll see in the playoffs unless they get over the other humps in the road.

6. Packers – Just like children GB loves fireworks. If only their defense would stop playing with a primary goal to get their offense on the field maybe they wouldnt be 7-4. Regardless you know these fellas are going to put on points with 2 top 25 cycle players at WR and a backup QB who likely makes the list as well…  whats that say about the starter.

5 Redskins – Redskins are sitting at 5 mostly due to the rest of their division at the bottom of the ranks. A complete team who loves ducking their rival in NY. Since they have yet to play the Giants we can’t really put them up to the match test on where they should rank. As such Skins are currently a top 5 offensive and defensive team and a real threat to the NFC playoffs.

4 Jags – Chilling at 9-1 but still sitting at 4. No respect but these guys are running with a backup QB whos balling and a WR about to get suspended…. so playoffs not looking as electric as the regular season..

3. Bears – Chicago has been a top 5 team since new ownership came on scene. This is a given to see these boys bring in quality draft picks who immediately make an impact. Outside of a

2. Ravens – The Baltimore estate is still holding strong. With a huge win over Chicago this is the clear cut #2. No team has more career rushing yards than the Ravens backfield, or salary cap tied to HB,  and with that time of experience on a team focused on the run its been a match made in heaven. 4 guys over 30 carries… one is Lamar… :cheese:.

  1. Saints – Stupid site indenting this thinking I’m starting a new list. I’m fine with it though, Saints has somehow pulled themselves from the shadows of defeat to lesser teams (week 1 is still debatable, playing the game at an inopprtune time causing an angry owners mistress to slam a door and shut the stadium down was pretty sneaky) and stands tall with a stacked team and our current only undefeated owner. Although only 1 time I believe has someone gone undefeated for n entire season and playoffs so maybe take a quick L before trying to make history.



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