XCFL Most Likely To: NFC

We have some new faces along with the old faces around here so this may help the new guys learn about the older ones. The following XCFL members were Voted Most Likely to …

Nick (Packers) most likely get married in a Lebron jersey. Also most likely to have more draft picks in one draft than Chadwick has in a full cycle.

Sparty (Lions) most likely to get tagged in chat when someone ask who the Lions coach is.

Stef (Vikings) most likely to have 5 99s on o line and a 99 overall QB and still score 3 points.

Tosh (Bears) most likely to fall for Chad’s first impression.

Chad (Giants) most likely to start the season 10-0 and still miss playoffs. Also most likely to be handed Saquon Barkley and rush for 1800 yards… in two and a half seasons.

Brian (Falcons) most likely to go 14-2 and appear in playoffs every year and never win a ring.

Ares (Eagles) most likely to put a punter on the trade block… and mean it.

Jack (Skins) most likely to take a corner in the draft. Also most likely to trade a 1st for someone who is above 6’4″, 92 speed, and 47 overall.

Brent and Josh (Saints and Falcons) most likely to take the best teams next cycle, and the cycle after that, and the cycle after that.

Nick Z (Bucs) LEAST likely to be the Steelers owner next cycle.

Riot (Panthers) most likely to use -_____- in chat

AirV (Rams) most likely to ask for 2 1sts, your 1st born, a replacement Center, and a future 2nd for a 42 year old, 83 overall Center.

iWreck (Cardinals) most likely to have peaked in High School.

ViolentBD (Seahawks) most likely to not be invited back to XCFL.

Knockout (49ers) most likely to talk about his players in main chat, keeping us current in case nobody knows about DaddyLeagues.

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