XCFL Most Likely To: AFC

Whats up fellas, me and the bum they call Jon Eagle have something good for you this time around. Ill be doing “Most Likely To” in the AFC and he will be doing it for the NFC. This might piss a few people off but frankly we don’t give a fuck so here we go.

Most Likely to Lose his breath while playing: Jim (steelers)

Most Likely to sell his xbox for beer money: Jon Eagle (pats)

Most Likely to give me a schedule warning for this article: Doss (Raiders)

Most Likely to have a glitched madden: SJB (Phins)

Most Likely to tell everyone he’s been in a madden league since 1976 as soon as he joins the discord: AL (Jets)

Most Likely to get skipped in this article cuz i got nothing: JMO (Bills)

Most Likely to go bankrupt from MUT: Zeth (Cheifs)

Most Likely to tell everyone he’s good but then gets 2 wins a season: ACE (broncos)

Most Likely to led the league in INTs: Shawn (Brownies)

Most Likely to send 78 DMs while losing a couple scores: Jim part 2 (Steelers)

Most likely to get a rookie QB banned for life: Reagan (Ravens)

Most Likely to wreck his Buick because he was sending selfies in the group chat: Juan (Bengals)

Most Likely to get put in a Spladle by chad: Brian (Titans)

Most Likely to drop every player after a shitty season: Boone (Texans)

Most Likely to make a super bowl at 6-10: Dave (Jags)

Most Likely to decline my first round pick for an aging Andrew Luck: Hammer (Colts)

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  1. Jim McMillen
    Jim McMillen

    This was great. You’re booted… lol

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