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Daniel Greco here host of JETS360 for the XCFL Jets. Well we have been very very VERY busy in the last few weeks.  XCFL Reloaded! New XCFL Owners EVERYWHERE!!! Closest to home was Al Ferreira Sr. He is back, but this time it’s personal. He owns his favorite team since a kid. Some are a bit surprised he is here. Some are excited he is back. So let’s get right to it shall we.

Sr. takes ownership and hires former XCFL Chargers QB Buck Conrad. Ferreira drafted Conrad in the M18 cycle. Unfortunately Conrad suford one too many hits & headshots. Which caused Conrad to leave the game early. Ferreira Sr. “This kid has a great football mind. It’s unfortunate that he suford the injuries. I have kept in contact with him through his recovery. Now the time was right to give him the opportunity to be apart of the game he loves. Perfect timing too, because we drafted that guy Darnold,  Some are questioning this decision, but lets face it when haven’t we when it comes to Sr. Some questioned the what happened to Bowles. Well as we just seen the other day Ferreira moved Bowles up to the front office as his assistant GM. So that leaves the OC & DC. Which Sr. named Mike Rico as his defensive coordinator & Sal Santangelo as his offensive coordinator. Both are rookie coaches to the XCFL.

As I mentioned before this team & staff have been very busy the last few weeks. I also mentioned JETS360. You can catch all the XCFL Jets action here. Our staff include Eric Allen | Senior Reporter – Olivia Landis | Team Reporter – Ethan Greenberg | Team Reporter – Randy Lange | nyjets.com Contributor Until next time Jets fans!

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