WHO DAT? Not a Saints Story

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No…. it’s the future of the XCFL, THE ROOKIES.

We have compiled a top 10 list of sorts of the most impactful rookies so far in this star studded 2019 season as the season comes to a close – not not all games are played in week 13 as the article was composed.

  1. Well this is no surprise, Berry Brooks WR – GB. Every GM should be ashamed of themselves for letting this fella fall to the City of Cheese in round 2.Berry should be tested for STDs because he is downright disgusting. 60/1571/13 through week 13. He is on pace for over 2k yards and to break the XCFL record for TDs and an obvious OROTY. If only there was someone who could take him out of the game…
  2. Deshean Watts OLB GB – Wait are you kidding me? The best bet to eliminate Brooks is on the same team. Shame. DeShawn is compiling a monster season 1 in GB. 15 sack 4 FF and 1 INT thought 13 weeks. He is an obvious cornerstone to this GB defense and a lock for DROTY. With two show stoppers at the top of the list you’d assume they are well over .500….. well you’d be wrong sir.
  3. Lamar Calico MLB AZ – This is an under the radar flier but a key cog in Arizona this year. Calico leads all rookies (by a wide margin-  4th in the XCFL) in tackles, tied for 2nd in INTs and has a defensive TD.A late second round pick who has made a huge impact this year. I don’t forsee his future prospects being great, but this year he deserves recognition.
  4. Bryce Heppner QB NYG – No other QB comes close to the biggest QB prospect in this draft. He is second in yards (altho a paltry 17 TDs) and puts up some eye popping numbers. He also has turned it around and has a positive TD/INT ratio at 17/15 with a QBR of 94.6. This hasn’t amounted to the emergence of RB Barkley or a significant turnaround in wins, but this looks to be a step in the right direction in joisey.
  5. Isaic Rawls WR Buf – Rawls has been a huge impact for Buffalo trying to inject speed to their offense after having K.Benjamin as their #1 last season. Rawls is third in the XCFL in yards with a 46/1199/11 and almost a certainty at OROTY in the AFC.
  6. Morgan Houghton DE Dal – Houghton is second in sacks for rookies and a driving force behind a NFC leading 10-1 Cowboys. 12 sacks and 4 FFs on the year – maybe helped by Lawrence on the other side who leads the XCFL but maybe not – he is having an outstanding start to his career.

The top 6 were pretty easy to assign, from here the players get a whole lot closer and tougher to place…

7. Perry Pennel FS Bal – Perry came in with big time potential. He is a ballhawk on the defensive side leading all rookies in INTs with 5 with 24 solo tackles. We expect bigger things in the future as he adjusts to the pro game but even so he is in competition for DROTY in the AFC.

8. Eric Higgins WR Dal – Eric has a 51/883/12 statline currently. Only issue is being overshadowed in the NFC by Brooks, but this man was a 5th round pick. A WR needy team nailed a position of need late and he has paid off. Eric is likely only this low as he is a game behind the rest… but needs to be recognized as a star in the making.

9. Mike Bly DB Was – Not numbers that directly jump out at you but he is a key piece in the defensive secondary for a good Washington team. 34 solo tackles is second for rookies and tied for 2nd for rookies in INTs.

10 . ITS A TIE! Gareef McBride NYJ MLB, Timario Byrd GB DE, Ellis Whitner OLB Buf. Nothing crazy abt these guys, McBride 3rd in tackles with an INT, Byrd 3rd in sacks with 1 FF and Whitner 4th in sacks with 2 FF and an INT.

Edit: Also adding Leveon Gallette to 10 – he is 28th in rushing in the league with 6TDs. This was an oversite on my list as I have not had my cofveve 🙂

These young guys are making a positive impact on their team and we expect to see much more from this crew in the future! We will have another report once the season is over on best picks on this record setting year in the XCFL!

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