What to know in each Championship game!

What is up motha suckas it’s ya boi Chaddy Mcdaddy back at it again. In this bitch I’m gonna give you some key factors to know about the Afc and Nfc Championship games. The season is coming down to the end and hopefully we don’t see Jack win another Super Bowl.

NFC Championship:

The Redskins are literally in 1st across the board in defensive stats. That Redskin D don’t fuck around.

The Skin Offense ranks in the top 5 in Points scored and total offensive yards. So basically the Skins have an all around great team but really let the D bring home the hardware.

The Bears come in with a top 3 Offense in points and Yards. 2nd in points and 2nd in yards.

The Bears run game produces the most on O. The rank number 1 in the League in rush yards per game but number 7 in pass yards. Watch out for that ground game.

Bears Pass D is ranked 15th in the league. The Bears pass D is almost right in the middle of the pack compared to the rest of the league. But there run D in ranked 2nd. If jack was smart, he would sling the rock all day.

AFC Championship:

Titans rank 3rd in points scored but 4th in rush yards and 20th in pass yards.

Titans D ranks 17th in pass D but 4th in rush D. Again look for Flank to air it out.

Chargers offense ranks in the bottom half of the league in all categories which is pretty wild.

Bolts defense tho is ranked 1st in rush D and 3rd in pass D

the most interesting part of this game is going to be the high powered run game of the titans Vs the great run D of the Bolts


Bears 28 Skins 24

Titans 14 Chargers 27





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