What to Do After Joining?

Once you have been approved to join the XCFL and have selected your team, please do the following within 48 hours. New members will not be invited to join the CFM until these steps are completed.

1. Make sure you have read all the Rules and understand the Member Ranking System and where you stand for trade purposes and other aspects. (If your not sure your rank ask – All new members begin at Prospect).

2. Update your owner profile — Learn how —

3. Join the XCFL Daddy Leagues page then make sure you have been added to the Daddy Leagues site — http://www.daddyleagues.com/XCFL/ 

4. Learn how to post team news, then write your first article on being hired by your new team or something related. Remember news and content is a requirement and a huge aspect of this league.

… We are a Created Coach only League. Remember that when joining the franchise and creating your coach ….

5. Change name in Discord chat to Username | Team name or something so we know what team you are in chat. (A staff member will add you to our GroupMe chat rooms.)… Team icons click here

6. Ask your recruiter for the assigned team Twitter account login info.

7. Like and Follow all our Social Media Outlets — Facebook — YouTube — Twitch — Twitter

8. Let the recruiter who is helping you join know when all steps are complete. You will not receive an invite to the CFM until you have completed all of the required steps.

9. If you have questions, now is the time to ask.

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