Week 15 – Stock Up, Stock Down Report

With the initial season of the 2019 campaign in full swing in the XCFL, here’s a roundup of the latest Stock Up, Stock Down report. A list of players, teams or anything league related that is either currently trending upwards or in a downward spiral about to crash and burn.

Up first, we will look at the aspects of the league that are trending upwards. You could say, aspects of the league whose stock is on the rise.

Stock Up – 49ers Pass Rush

The San Francisco 49ers currently sit at 9-4 and in 2nd place in the wild, wild NFC West. A big reason for their stock being on the rise is a nasty pass rush that has accumulated a whooping 73 sacks on the season as a team, which knocks the 1984 Bears out of the record books for total team sacks on the season (72). The 49ers are lead by two monsters in the trenches DeForest Buckner with 22 sacks and Solomon Thomas with 19 QB beat downs.

~ Stock is souring

Stock Down – J.J. Watt

The Houston Texans are 13-0 and one of the biggest reasons is J.J. Watt and a down right mean defensive front 7. Watt leads the team with 21 sacks and has 34 tackles and 2 forced fumbles on the season as well. So why is Watt’s stock on a downwards spiral? Well, he has caught a case of the injury bug, suffering a week 12 Abdominal tear while sacking the Colts QB Andrew Luck. Watt will be out out six weeks, basically ending his season and possibly his career as a Texan.

~ Stock has crashed and burned

Stock Up – Derrius Guice

The Washington Redskins rookie sensation Derrius Guice currently leads the league in rushing with 1079 yards and 14 TD’s. Guice also has 15 catches for a 149 yards and a receiving TD as well on his resume. With just 13 games under his belt, Guice is also leading in the offensive rookie of the year category as well.

~ Stock is booming

Stock Down –  Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara started the season a New Orleans Saint but was surprisingly traded to the Green bay Packers just a few games into the campaign which seemed to be a blessing for him has his stock began to sore once he joined the Packers high octane offense as he rushed for 650 yards and 7 TD’s for them before his stock came crashing down due to a torn pectoral muscle that has sidelined the dynamic halfback for six weeks. Kamara has gone from a stud to a dud almost overnight.

~ Stock has hit a slight snag

Stock Up – Eric Berry

Age has nothing on my man Eric Berry, at 29 he is still one of the best safeties in the league and even with multiple injuries over the last few years Berry is playing lights out. He is currently 2nd in the NFL with 10 interceptions. He also has 25 tackles and 2 TD’s as well to lead the Chiefs weak ass defense and basically be their only bright spot on that side of the rock.

~ Stock is catching fire

Stock Down – Lamar Jackson

Lamar, Lamar, Lamar come on man two suspensions for PEDs already and it’s only your rookie season. Jackson came into his rookie season with high expectations from the Ravens. Slated to be the savior of Baltimore, Jackson’s stats are not horrible he has 2050 passing, 11 TDs to 15 Ints, and has been sacked 33 times on the season. So why is his stock dropping like flies you ask? The dude likes his steroids way too much. He can’t seem to stop injecting himself and if he keeps this up he could see his way out of the league as quickly as he has come into it.

~ Stock has hit rock bottom

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  1. nice concept jim, I also spent abt 2 hrs looking at stocks this AM so oddly relateable! nice write up

  2. Stanley Jean-Baptiste

    Nice job Jim!

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