Underpaid & Unstoppable ( under 25 )

The first two players on my list are going to sting me as the carrier of the Vikings heart and soul !
I’ve comprised this list of athletes who are not only outperforming most of the league, on their way to the tops of their own positions but they are also an asset to their Teams Financial Outlook.
Lets just Jump right in and get them out of the way,

Number one
Malcom Starkey, 23 years old, has posted an an XCFL Record with 56 Passing Touchdowns this season for sure a tough mark to beat, set by a Rookie Nonetheless. Digging into the Packers Pockets for a measly 2.16 Million Dollars allows them flexibility after they official move on from the almost dead armed Aaron Rodgers… lets be honest you can only throw so many 80 yard bombs before it falls off right?  Starkey Led the league in passing and helped his unit make the playoffs for the umpteenth time in a row.. most aren’t surprised due to his weapons at his disposal … but still… its been impressive.  247-384  5089 yds 56 TDS 16 INTS .

Number Two ( doesn’t sting any less then one )
Jayvon Goss 21 Years Old ( R)  Stands a towering 6’6 Tied for the League Lead for Catches this season with 84 catches, within those 84 catches he managed to snag  a league high TWENTY- SIX TDS in that Span, ill do the math for you thats a TD every 3.2 Catches … I mean, Stop it forreal… he earned himself a Tier Bump to Superstar this season after being drafted in the FOURTH RD. if this kid doesn’t smell of a huge deal in the future… i dont know what does, Logging in 296 Fantasy points this season, anybody who grabbed him after his first display in week 2, ( who happened to need a flex for that week probably went on to win the Chip crazy value for a team raiding the fantasy free agent pool. ) 84 catches 1382 yards 26 TDS. Saving the bears a Pretty Penny at 0.54 Million dollars. Gem of the Season for Chicago no doubt.

Number Three
Ryan Pino
Has teamed up with Joey Bosa to create one of the most deadliest Pass Rush duos the XCFL will ever see. its a big statement, but this kid is just getting started 24 years old in his second xcfl season posted 48 tackles and 24 sacks ( 3rd in the league behind Bosa 29 and Lawson 26)
in hi 2nd season Van has managed to get Pino’s  BLSH to a 89 and his Finesse Move to a 94 HOLY NIGHTMARE TO BLOCK. with his contract ringing in at 2.54 Million his production makes him a steal for LA, Taken Just two picks after Our very own Viking Roshawn Griffith ( who’s been impressive in his own right, simply just hasn’t had the same effect has Pino has in the same amount of time)

Number Four
Riley Leake,
Its tough for me to justify Putting Leake out here without mentioning that he is a TightEnd on a team that splits its game plan very evenly for rushing and passing.
Standing at yao ming of football 6’8 this tight end posted 80 catches and 1348 yards receiving with 8 Touchdown Grabs is Dominant. one a more pass heavy offense you may see Leake turn into the one person NOBODY wants to line up against, fast corners cant adjust to his size, big Defenders cant run with him, the way he uses his ENTIRE BODY to bring in passes … its .. its
Its a game changer for the Bengals,  he has a Gronk/ Kelce effect for their organization all while only running up their bill for  $3.59 Million Dollars his blocking and receiving threat makes his one of the more valuable young pieces in the league.

Number Five
Khrystian Milton
24 years old, costing Us only 0.64 Million.  Milton who missed the majority of 3 games due to injuries still finish 2nd in rushing yards( behind Zeke) and 1st in All purpose yards for all RB’s
266 Total Touches 2,165 All purpose Yards 20 Total TDs. Vikes fans have endearingly decided to call him Kryptonite, knowing one day he will be the reason we bring down these XCFL Packers ! Milton is the Answer…. the Question is How?
Toting the Rock at a Ridiculous 6.9 yards per carry. Milton has created a knack for digging his foot into the turf an making defenses look silly, a walking highlight reel. We are happy to have him here in MIN we’d love for him to stick around for a while.

This will wrap up my list of Underpaid & Unstoppable ( under twenty-five)
who will make the List next season? Any Rookies coming in to break records this year? Thanks for reading.

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