Top 5 Tight End’s To Help You Make Your Madden 20 Team Selection

Top 5 TE’s

5. TJ Hockenson – Although he didn’t have the best 40 time (4.7), that certainly isn’t slow by any means.  Madden will also probably give him a nice little speed bump just because he was such a high draft pick.  I’d guess around 84ish. I also think he will have very good catching attributes as well as route running attributes.  My prediction: 82 Overall, SuperStar X Development

4. Hunter Henry – Henry might be the most underappreciated Tight End in Madden 19.  He has a solid 84 speed but 89 accel to make him faster than most linebackers that would cover him, has fantastic catching and route running abilities, and what puts him so high on this list is that he had a very impressive 82 run block rating!  If he has attributes like this in Madden 20, he will be a sought after Tight End for all organizations.  My predicition: 86 Overall, Star Development

3. Noah Fant – Whoever grabs the Broncos will have a franchise changing Tight End for the entire cycle if they wish.  TJ Hockenson’s teammate ran a 4.5 at the combine which will more than likely give him the high 80’s speed/accel.  He also jumped 40 inches and showed at Iowa that he is an elite pass catching Tight End.  My prediction: 78 Overall, Star Development

2. George Kittle – Kittle had a fantastic rookie season last year for the 49ers.  He is young and fast!  88 speed to finish up Madden 19 fast!  Combine that with great catching / route running ability to also go with his young age. He also has a very high run block rating like Hunter Henry.  My prediction: 87 Overall, SuperStar  Development

1. Evan Engram – Engram can’t block a lick but he is so fast that he has to be this high on the list.  His 90 speed is wide receiver fast and is faster than 95% of linebackers/safeties that are required to cover him. My Prediction: 85 Overall, Star Development

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