Top 5 Defensive End’s To Help You Make Your Madden 20 Team Selection

Top 5 DE’s

5. Demarcus Lawrence – The 27 year old is getting older and just got signed to a hefty new deal, but he is unquestionably a top Defensive End in the NFL.  His 80 speed and high 80’s accel give him the burst needed off the edge to get home time after time.  Match that with a 94 power move, 87 block shedding and a solid 86 Strength to help him hold his own against the run. My prediction: 88 Overall, Star Development

4. Nick Bosa – Nick Bosa is basically a Joey Bosa clone and that is certainly a good thing for the rookie-to-be.  Joey, once developed, was a terror in Madden 19 and its fair to say that Nick will be just like him.  My prediction: 79 Overall, SuperStar X Development

3. Joey Bosa – If I made this list last season, Joey certainly would’ve been on it.  He came out of the gates as a 90 Overall, 23 year old.  His 95 finesse move and 87 strength made him an instant star at his young age.  Whoever gets the Chargers will again get a freak for the entirety of the Madden 20 cycle.  My prediction: 92 Overall, SuperStar X Development

2. Myles Garrett – The Number 1 Overall pick ended Madden 19 with a 88 Overall Rating.  His 96 Strength is absurd, 92 Power Move is Elite, and 87 Block shed make him dominant against the run.  Oh, and he will be 23 when we start up our Madden 20 cycle.  My predicition: 89 Overall, SuperStar X Development

1. Aaron Donald – I went back and forth on what list I wanted to put Aaron. He would’ve been the top guy at either Defensive End of Defensive Tackle so it really didn’t matter.  Madden has him listed as a Defensive End so I put him here. I really don’t even need to dive into his ratings to give him justice but here we go.  He has 99 Strength (LOL!), 92 Block Shed, 83 Speed, 90 Accel, and 98 Power Moves. Need I say more on why it doesn’t matter if he was listed as a kicker, as he would’ve been the top guy on that list as well. His 27 years of age is his only real disappointment. My prediction: 99 Overall, SuperStar X Development

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