Titans report: Top 5 trades this cycle by GMs Coach Brian & Pythagoras

If you have any knowledge of the Titans this cycle, you would know that they did not build through the draft.  The Titans only have 5 starters currently on their team that the Titans drafted themselves.  The GMs in charge in Tennessee, originally Coach Brian and currently Pythagoras, have chose to build the team through free agency and trades.  In particular, the Titans have made some huge trades that culminated in a Super Bowl Championship last season. So without further ado, the top 5 Titans Trades this cycles


#5::TEN: Titans get: C Alex Mack – 83 OVR – 34 yrs old & OLB Vic Beasley – 82 OVR – 28 yrs old.            :ATL: Falcons get: 2nd round pick & WR Taywan Taylor – 77 OVR – 25 yrs old

Recap: The Titans were in desperate need of a pass rusher and got it when they acquired the 28 year old Beasley.  Beasley, who is still the current starting OLB for the Titans has a career 45 sacks, 13 FF and 3 INTs. The year after he was acquired Beasley Jr. and Alex Mack, who was also acquired in the trade, helped lead the Titans to the Super Bowl for the first time this cycle. Beasley has been a huge part of the Titans success in the later years and will forever be a Super Bowl Champion

#4::TEN: Titans get: HB Le’Veon Bell – 96 OVR – 27 yrs old & 2nd round pick                                                       :PIT: Steelers get: CB Adoree Jackson – 85 OVR – 23 yrs old & HB Derrick Henry- 87 OVR – 25 yrs old

Recap: This trade was one of the more controversial ones when it happened in the second season this cycle. Many owners bashed Coach Brian for giving up a stud CB like Adoree Jackson but Coach Brian knew what he wanted to do with this team and this helped accomplish that.  Bell rushed for 4,189 yards over 4 seasons with the Titans, with only one of those seasons being injury free. In 2021, Bell led the Titans to the Super Bowl while winning the MOP award after 1765 rushing yards & 22 rushing touchdowns as well as 590 receiving yards and 6 receiving touchdowns. Bell showed the Titans that good defense and running the football was their key to success and for that the Titans front office is forever grateful. And as we will see later on in this list, Adoree Jackson was easily replaced.

#3:TEN: Titans get: OLB Von Miller – 97 OVR – 32 yrs old & Shaq Barrett – 83 OVR – 28 yrs old           :DEN: Broncos get: Current 1st round pick, Future 2nd round pick, &Current 5th round pick

Recap: The Titans acquired the ancient Von Miller in a trade with the Broncos during the 2021 season. Miller immediately had an impact on the team, getting after pass rushers with a ferocity that had not been seen yet this cycle in Tennessee. In Millers first season, The Titans made the Super Bowl and Miller had 11 sacks after being acquired at the trade deadline. The next year Miller had 18 sacks in an injury shortened season but the Titans still made the AFC championship and in his final season in 2023, Miller had 22 sacks, 5 FF and an INT but the Titans fell to the Redskins in the Super Bowl. Miller had 51 sacks and 9 FF in only 2 and a half seasons with the Titans. Comparatively, Miller only had 36 & 10 FF in 3 and a half seasons with the Broncos. The Titans would go onto win the Super Bowl the year after Von retired but the impact he left could not be understated, playing in 2 Super Bowls and 3 AFC championships in 3 seasons in Tennessee.

#2::TEN: Titans get: CB Donte Jackson – 86 OVR – 28 yrs old & WR DeAndre Hopkins – 87 OVR – 32 yrs old                                                                                                                                                :CAR: Panthers get: CB Parker Skinner – 80 OVR – 23 yrs old, Current 2nd round pick, & Current 4th round pick

Recap: This trade could easily be at the top of this list.  At the trade deadline last season, GM Pythagoras sent young CB Parker Skinner and multiple picks for aging CB Donte Jackson and dinosaur WR DeAndre Hopkins. Many thought this trade would cripple the Titans going forward but the impact these two had were immediately felt. Jackson had a pick six in his first game and an interception in each of the first two games he played in Tennessee. Hopkins impact was immediately felt as he had 752 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns in just 10 regular season games in Tennessee. Both Jackson and Hopkins played key parts in the Titans run to their first Super Bowl championship and without it, we may not be talking about a championship in Tennessee today.

#1::TEN: Titans get: CB Jourdan Lewis – 83 OVR – 25 yrs old                                                                 :DAL: Cowboys get: Current 5th round pick & Future 2nd round pick

Recap: This trade has been the most important the Titans have made all cycle because of the loss of Adoree Jackson in the Leveon Bell trade the year before. The Titans were without a true #1 corner, their pass defense was dismal and many thought Coach Brian a fool for trading away such a young stud. So the season after trading Jackson away, Coach Brian went out and got himself another young CB by the name of Jourdan Lewis.  Lewis was a year older then Jackson and didn’t have the speed or the dev trait that Jackson had but this would turn out not to matter.  Over his first one and a half seasons in Tennessee, Lewis only grabbed 3 interceptions but was one of the top CBs in tackles and pass deflections. After that first 1 and a half seasons, Lewis began to shine, he dev’d up to star and through the last 3 and a half seasons currently has 31 interceptions and that total will only rise this year.  He has won the Defensive back of the year award in the AFC and currently sits at 93 overall, star dev and has nabbed 34 interceptions in Tennessee at 30 years old. Compare that to Jackson who is currently 91 overall, normal dev and has only 26 interceptions over an extra season and a half away from Tennessee and you can see who clearly won this trade. Factor in that Lewis has had 31 interceptions over the last 3 and a half seasons and Jackson only has 7 and it is mind blowing how much better Jourdan has been.

Trading Adoree Jackson and Derrick Henry for essentially LeVeon Bell and Jourdan Lewis may be the best move made this cycle. It resulted in a championship, 3 super bowl trips and 5 trips to the AFC championship. As well as multiple player awards for both Bell and Lewis. Jackson and Henry have been non-factors when you compare them to Bell and Lewis.


With that you have our top 5 Titans trades this cycle. Thanks for reading and let me know how much you hate me and this article in chat!

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