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By steelerguy26 on Jul 18, 2017 at 1:39 PM
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    XCFL Primetime Annual League Awards

    The XCFL is proud to announce our annual league awards that members will be able to earn and be nominated for by their fellow XCFL Primetime league piers.

    The XCFL Primetime league we will be awarding the following awards at the end of each season.

    Coach of the Year: The Coach of the Year award will be given to the member who shows the most overall involvement in their team and league. Records, activity, league involvement and team building will all be taken into consideration when selecting the winner of this award each season.

    Rookie Coach of the Year: This award will go to the rookie head coach that showed the most promise with activity, league involvement and team building. Only first season coaches will be eligible.

    Outstanding Leadership Award: This award will be given to the league staff member who shows the most overall involvement in the league and overall helpfulness to fellow members. It is to be bestowed on the staff member who showed their leadership ability the most.

    Wheeler & Dealer: This award is exactly what it says and will be handed out to the member who made the best deals or trades over the season to help their team. Trades and team building is what this award is all about.

    Draft Champion: Are you a draft guru? Then this award is the one you will be striving to obtain. The GM who had the best draft and the most promising rookies in game for the season. Not only the draft but how those rookies play will be taken into consideration when nominating a member for this award.

    Content Creator Awards: - Golden Pen Award - Golden Tweeter Award
    These awards will go out to the members who best utilized Twitter and who was considered the most intriguing writing team and league related news articles. Members will need to be very consistent and create interesting content to be considered for these awards.


    Each GM who wins an award will be added to the awards section of the site and will be permitted to use the awards banner for the specific one they won as their signature for the season in which they hold the award. Members may view the awards wall hereā€¦.


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"The XCFL is an August to August Madden NFL League"
I am the founder of the XFA and XCFL and an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. My blood bleeds the Black & Gold. I enjoy playing Madden on the Xbox, watching football and spending time with my family.

I have two wonderful kids, Zachary and Zoe and a loving wife who hates Madden but lets me play anyway. I design websites and do social media marketing for a living.

I have been running Madden leagues and playing in them since 2004. The same year the XFA was born. The XFA started as a PlayStation league, then moved to the PC, then Xbox 360 and now we are on Xbox One.

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