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What is My Ranking?

Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by steelerguy26, May 10, 2016.

  1. steelerguy26

    steelerguy26 The Commissioner
    Legend Donor Hall of Fame Commissioner Administrator

    Apr 26, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Hall of Fame (Members with 5+ seasons & voted to HoF)

    Steelers - Jim McMillen
    Jaguars - Dan Whitehead
    Lions - Nick Larson

    Retired - Brent Foster

    Legend Rank (Members with 5+ seasons accumulated)

    Colts - shwhite86
    Texans - Boone
    Buccaneers - AirV23
    Titans - Kradosxx
    Jets - Dleon963

    Raiders - JUSTwinBABY
    Vikings - Bano Ferreira Jr
    Redskins - Jack Tyler
    Cowboys - Josh Hannah
    Eagles - Smooth Grizzly

    Starter Rank (Members with 1-4 seasons accumulated)

    Saints - Sountouchble
    Falcons - TheAlphaHEEL7
    Bills - Digitalkaos77

    Ravens - The Prince 5
    Rams - Justin Holland
    49ers - Chris Schmidt
    Bears - Kyle
    Panthers - Pmill1724
    Seahawks - Jared D Smith
    Patriots - Will Gomes

    Rookie Rank (Must have at least 7 games in)

    Broncos - Buttermeelk
    Giants - Zethious
    Cardinals - Mike D' Duff
    Bengals - Penny

    Probation (for up-to 7 games - more if violations accrue)

    Packers - Hammer27mba - (Started Week 6)
    Chiefs - LBJ273 - (Started Week 6)
    Dolphins - Jmo31 (Started week 11)
    Browns - Vanflank - (Started Week 12)


    *Rookie Rank trades will be looked at very closely and may be denied if the league feels it is not a great trade.

    *Probation Rank Members may not use custom playbooks and must follow trade chart in rules.

    *If a current member leaves the league and they are below Hall of Fame status they would fall back to starter rank if and when they decided to rejoin.


    *To move up in rank members must contact the staff and let them know when they have the required number of seasons accumulated.

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