The Week That Was: 19.2

What a week! Lots of action and the fortunes of teams are starting to shake out. Is there anything that immediately changes the outlook of a team’s future more than the loss of a starting QB? Well that seemed to be the theme of XCFL Week 19.2 as we saw Tannehill, Rosen, Luck, and Watson all visit the hospital. QBs aren’t the only ones either. Shoulder tears seem to be an epidemic and the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets are the hardest hit.

It wasn’t all bad news though. Teams opened their checkbooks last week with lots of deals getting done. DJ Chark locked his future up in Jacksonville for 4 years and $61.1M. Young stud Barkley sealed a 5 year $36.8M deal in New York and fellow star HB Hines also got 5 years in Indy at $27.8M. Bradley Chubb signed a huge and deserved 6 year $91.2M deal.

If you haven’t seen Kamara’s highlight run, go find it on Twitter. It’s one for the ages, an instant Madden classic.

Not sure I should continue with the questions about team’s outlook for season 19. Basically every question I asked, the team did a 180.
Saints were a disaster. They have since turned it around.
The Cards were in charge and now they are planning a rebuild with Rosen out.
The Titans have made some moves and gathered some Ws along with it despite 4/5ths of a roster contracted.
But seriously, here’s a few questions.
The XCFL Mag asked and I will repeat the question. Is this the AFC’s year? 2 undefeateds both in AFC and a couple other hard charging teams showing out.

6 weeks in and the Bears have matched their season 18 loss total and they’re on a 2 game skid. Can they challenge the Champs for the division or is it too late?

XCFL saw some big name players on the move this past week.
Due to an injury plagued roster, Oakland traded away a couple senior citizen OL for a handful of mid round picks. Raiders haven’t necessarily given up hope but they’re clearly looking at season 20 where the Redskins are in win now mode.
Denver sent the expiring contract of Von Miller and his buddy Shaq Barrett out to Music City in what was an obvious financial move clearing over $20M in cap space.

Chat was fun last week. A few chippy moments: Van made the stereotypical joke about English teeth, Pepper complained multiple times about the speed of the league drawing a torch and pitchfork response from the masses, and the Chadwick-Nick matchup sparked some decent smack talk. Best comment in chat all week:

Very strong movement in Survivor this week with only 12 players left in the mix. Will we see a winner this week? Don’t be surprised if we do. Week 7 may cut the field in half with some very even matchups across the board.

Week 19.3 will take us past the halfway point and well into playoff race positioning. We will also begin to see how annual awards are shaping up. Best to all your team efforts.

Aloha from ace.

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