The Jungle Book Episode 20 : The Injury Bug

In the Jungle there are a lot of things to be on the lookout for. Some are big and obvious and some are small and sneak up on you. Like the Jungle, the Bengals have been hit hard this year by the old injury bug.


That’s right, he reared his ugly head again. taking out big name after big name. It all started in week one, when the underdog Bengals took on the Bears. Riley Leake makes a great 26 year catch and is injured on the play. This was the first quarter and an omen of this to come. Fortunately, RIley only missed the rest of that game with a strained shoulder (not shoulder tear). Two weeks later, Newly acquired Tyreek Hill, goes down with an ankle injury. He comes back five weeks later only to go down with a broken hand, out for six weeks (return would be week 14ish).

So you what they say right, next man up. Who will be the number one receiver for the Bengals in this playoff stretch run without Tyreek Hill, enter DeMarcus Logan. Surprise, week nine Demarcus goes down with a knee injury, out 8 weeks. This would put him back at week 17.

So what does Max and company do you ask? They go a three game win streak and enter week 11 with a 5-4 record. Taking on the division leading Patriots. They were playing as a team and trying not to focus on the bad luck that seemed to be surrounding them. And guess what? Max Ecker goes down in the third quarter with what appears to be a major back injury (ruptured disk).

The Bengals now sit at 5-5 and although it would be easy to blame the injury bug and forget the season. Coach Morlock, has other plans. We asked him last night about the injury to Max and he said…”…are thoughts and prayers are with Max on a speedy recovery, but right now Jameis is our guy and he is focused on making a playoff run..”. We hope Max is able to return, this is the second straight season he has had a season ending injury, did I mention this is his third career season.

Back to work this morning the Bengals go, preparing to take on the monster that is the Ravens, with the game sit for tomorrow evening, lets see if this Bengals team can rally together one more time and start a new streak. #catstrachfever







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