The Jungle Book Episode 17 : The Whole Story

Three years in the books for Coach Morlock, lets take a second and review the good, bad, and ugly shall we.


The Good :

When this journey begin the starting point was as follows, Bengals record 4 Wins and 60 Losses. They had zero players ranked 90 or above, zero pro bowlers in 2021, and only one Superstar on the team (Banks RT). Enter Coach Morlock, in the past three seasons we have seen a record of 15 wins and 33 losses. We have produced three pro bowlers in each of the last two seasons, and we currently have 3 players rated as 90 or above and three Superstars. The build is almost complete but winning in the XCFL is no guarantee.

The Bad :

When Coach Morlock signed his 5 year contract, he knew that the only thing that will keep him in Cincinnati will be a playoff appearance.  The time is now to put up or shut up. We go into this off-season, with a short list of needs. We are in dyer need of a wide receiver that can stretch the field, we are also in need of some secondary help, linebacker help, depth.



The Ugly :

The Bengals gambled on a QB with Max Ecker and a major broken arm last season, has management and fans worried. We hope he can come back strong this year. Max tried to rush back from injury last season, but it was clear that he was not healthy.

Year four is around the corner, who will we add via trade and draft? The future is now, are we contenders or pretenders? #catscratchfever





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