DAVIE, Florida — The reset button has been pressed and all 32-teams are tied for first place in their respected divisions. On the other hand five teams are hitting critical reset buttons involving their quarterbacks. Last season we witnessed key quarterbacks (GB) Aaron Rodgers, (HOU) Deshaun Watson, (IND) Andrew Luck, (MIA) Ryan Tannehill, and (PHI) Carson Wentz fall to injury. These field leaders are now set to comeback and one will be named comeback player of the year, no doubt.

As the Dolphins and head coach Adam Gase reset the culture in the locker-room, all eyes are on 30-year old Ryan Tannehill. The major knee surgery he went under is all behind him and he’s ready to lead this franchise beyond expectations. Owner Stanley Jean-Baptiste and head coach Adam Gase both see this season as the make or break year. With an average or below supporting cast of quarterbacks in the likes of Brock Osweiler, Bryce Petty, and David Fales all 27-years of age. There’s no foreseen quarterback competition this training camp but some may say Osweiler could be the front runner to be the No.2 quarterback. Giving the edge on the other two as Gase has familiarity with Osweiler in his time at Denver.

Tannehill has learned a lot of football at this level behind Gase and seeing Tom Brady twice a season in the division. With the addition of former Patriot wideout Danny Amendola, the two will likely gain a connection quickly. Maybe Amendola will fill Tannehill on some Brady secrets, fan can only hope some of that Brady success will rub off.

“The ball is coming out of hands very quickly, something which we did not see in past seasons. He looks much better and confident although he’s a quiet leader, I’d like to see him more vocal”, said Adam Gase about Tannehill.

“Just the sideline prospective during games has made me a better quarterback. I have a different insight into the game that makes me love it more. I just want to do the best that I can and win ball games without the mistakes”, said Ryan Tannehill after 7-on-7 drills which seen him connect with Amendola and Parker for touchdowns.

If Tannehill and the Dolphins fail to have a winning season and not make the playoffs, look for the organization to immediately post their eyes on a potential quarterback in the 2019 Draft or free agency.

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