Super Bowl Champs Fail to Make Playoffs

After going 10-6 last season and winning the Super Bowl in an epic run through the playoffs the Pittsburgh Steelers finished the season 9-7 and miss out on the chance to return to the playoffs and a shot at a repeat.

Career seasons by Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown and the leagues most high-powered passing game was not enough for the Steelers to win enough games to get into the dance.

The downfall of the Steelers had to be their defense as they horribly regressed from the season before. Unable to get consistent pressure on QB’s and the lack of turnovers caused them to fall to one of the worst units in the league.

At one point the team looked so bad on defense that they took away play calling duties from Defensive Coordinator Rooster Bennett and turned those duties over to DB coach Carnell Lake who could not seem to get any better results out of his players.

Rumor has it that the Steelers plan to clean house and fire the entire defensive staff and will be looking to upgrade their secondary during the offseason. The possibility of Trading Le’Veon Bell for DB help looms over this team as well.

“We will evaluate our entire team and look very closely at the defense as a whole. We also have to consider possibly finding the heir apparent to Big Ben as well as he has discussed the possibility of retirement the last few season and this one could be the one he decides to hang up the cleats.” Said Steelers head coach Pat Narduzzi.

With so much uncertainty and the possibility of change on both sides of the ball the Steelers offseason looks to be a very important time in the Steelers history. The decisions they make now both with the caching staff and via personnel could have long term effects on the team so they will need to make some very solid decisions if they wish to get back to being a Super Bowl contender in the very near future.

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