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Trade Guidelines

Make sure you know your Member Ranking and are following all trade guidelines for your specific rank. Also, be sure you are aware of all Trade Rules before submitting a trade for review.

*Do not attempt to trade outside your ranking. Members who do may lose their trade privileges or have other sanctions placed upon their team.

Twitter Trade Rules:

After trades have been agreed upon one of the users must post the deal to Twitter per the league format…

FORMAT for Twitter Posts Regarding Trades:

The @XCFLGiants have traded _____ to the @XCFLPackers in exchange for a 1st and 3rd round pick in the 2017 XCFL Draft @XCFLNetwork

PENALTY: Failure to post trades to Twitter will result in the trade being reversed and the users involved in the trade losing any remaining trades for the season. If the users have no more trades for the current season the users will lose 1 of the following season’s allotted trades.