Steelers OC Mike Tomczak Has Left the Team

Pittsburgh Blitz – Rumors are swirling in Pittsburgh that offensive coordinator Mike Tomczak has left the team indefinitely after being stripped of play calling duties by head coach David Shaw. Tomczak has scrubbed his Twitter account of any mention of the Steelers and did not show up for morning team meetings today.

After his offense has had awful season thus far, and QB Mason Rudolph has seemingly regressed under his tutelage, coach Shaw told Tomczak he would be taking over the offensive play calling duties the rest of the season.

Tomczak a former Steelers, Bears and packers QB among other teams, took over the job last season and the offense has not gotten any better since he has. The final straw came after back to back games in-which the offense could not move the ball verse the Cowboys and Browns and Rudolph threw 10 interceptions in the two game span.

It is rumored that coach Shaw told Tomczak about his demotion on the way to the locker rooms, in the tunnel, after the loss to the Browns. The sometimes gruff head coach was fuming and told Tomczak his performance was unacceptable and his services calling plays were no longer needed.

It is unknown if Shaw was planning to still include Tomczak in game planning and team meetings but the heat between the two the last few weeks has been red hot so our source indicate that they don’t believe Shaw planned to give Tomczak any roll on the team moving forward and wished to fire him at the end of the season.

Tomczak was last seen storming out of coach Shaw’s office at around 12:15 am est concluding a heated discussing between the two coaches in-which players overheard shouting and the two coaches going at each other verbally.

“I heard coaches arguing and what sounded like glass breaking and other loud thuds, but we all knew better to get involved and just got dressed and went on our way.” said a player who asked to remain anonymous. “Coach Tomczak could be heard yelling cuss words at coach Shaw and I am pretty sure coach Shaw yelled at him to get out of the office and take his candy ass back to whatever hole his untalented ass came out of.”

As of this report the where about or state of mind of coach Tomczak is unknown to this reporter. Calls and texts to him have not been returned and his wife has declined comment saying that things are better left unsaid at this time. Other players and coaches have expressed some concern about Tomczak’s state of mind at the moment and wished him nothing but the best.

Stay tuned as Pittsburgh Blitz will keep you up-to-date on this exclusive story you will only get from us. What is Tomczak planning? Will he try to retaliate or will he go away silently? All we can do is speculate at this time but the word on Tomczak is he is very hot headed and holds grudges for long periods of time. Only time will tell what will happen next.

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