Speed Kills

Today we take a look at the top 5 in receiving yards and what they all have in common….SPEED !!!

Tyreek Hill comes in at #1 with 1043 rec yards. Hill is a 98 speed with a 95 deep rt run. Give this guy 6 inches of day light and he’ll be telling you to peace out in to time. #2 on the list is Ja’Darius Figurs with 885 rec yards.Figurs is a rookie out of Auburn and uses his 93 speed and 87 deep rt run to make you pay if you give to much attention to Calvin Ridley. Figurs is a super star in the making. #3 on the list is Odell Beckham Jr with 813 yards.He sports an impressive 95 speed rating and a 96 deep rt run and he’s not even the fastest receiver on his own team. Beckham can do it all, unfortunately he’s just a good regular season player as they cant even spell playoffs in N.Y let alone make it. Coming in at # 4 is no stranger to this list, Issac Rawls and his 784 yards. He has been terrorizing defenses since he entered the XCFL in 2019. He possesses  98 speed and a ridiculous 99 deep rt run. Pencil Rawls in for 1700 yards & 14 Td’s every year as that’s been his 2 year average. Last but certainly not least is Berry Brooks with 742 yards. Brooks rolls out every game with 97 speed and 93 deep rt run. This guy has been on another level since he made his XCFL debut in 2019 to the tune of about 1940 yards and 19 Td’s on average. We all know that defense wins championships, however the speed these men have, keeps defensive coordinators up at night.

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