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Milton Explodes into the final week of the regular season, with the Bears starters Hibernating til playoffs. Milton was allowed to have a field day breaking off 3 TD’s for longer then 90 Yards. ( 91, 99, 107)
Kick Returns, Making Open field tacklers miss, Nasty Spin Moves. now coach Brackett isnt too high on our first Win over the rival bears, knowing that they were merely playing not to get hurt.
Milton’s big day is something to be excited for though.
Rattling off 22 carries 182 rush yards, 2 rushing TD’s / 2 catches 110 rec yards 1 TD/ 3 KR 168 kr yards 1 KR Touchdown.
He had the MOSS MAGIC, as they wore the 2000’s Home unis when moss reigned. Everytime he touched the ball it turned to GOLD.
Vikes win at home to end the season against the B,C,D Team of the bears 44-23 ( while the A team rested up)

Tune in Tomorrow for the OFFSEASON REPORT who could be on the move, the direction were looking to move. Lets See if Brackett and the Vikings can pull things together for a winning season .

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