Shooting Stars or Falling Stars

This past off-season saw some superstars finding new homes. Sometimes a change in scenery boosts these elite players to new levels and other times, it signals a fall from grace and occasionally a steep dive to mediocrity. Let’s take a look at 3 of these movers.

Saquon Barkley – NYG to SEA
Barkley is a generational talent, a unique combo of size, speed, and strength. But would an upgrade from a very good Mixon to a great Barkley be worth the cost? I was not a believer but these Seacocks are looking strong and Saquon is a huge part of that. This man is averaging more than 5 yards per carry but perhaps more impressive, he is averaging a TD every 10 carries. VBD may actually advance past the first round for once with the help of this guy.


Derwin James – LAC to GB
For a guy with a mancrush on Josh what’s-his-name, Nick moved on pretty quick. But sometimes when you’ve won it all, you just need to find guys that are fun to have on the team to keep it fresh. There are 31 teams in the XCFL that would love to have Derwin and 1 that needed new faces in the locker room so felt comfortable losing the man. Derwin is producing at an excellent level in Wisconsin and could qualify as a 1 man swat team at the top of the league in deflections. GB looks poised for another playoff run barring disaster and James will be key to the defense.


Takk McKinley – ATL to NYG
And then we come to Takk. Chadwick has never been accused of being a genius, but this move could have swayed the masses with his track record of massive sack totals. And yet, we are approaching the midway point in the season and this stud has a total of 1 sack. One. A lone sack. That’s it. This man has the same number of solo tackles as games played this season. This is a disaster move for the Giants. But hey, they still got OBJ in this fantasy world…


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