Seeking The Next Top Free Agent

NEW YORK, NY—The season is well in hand and playoff pictures are slowly developing for those who are in the hunt. The unfortunate teams have been sellers and some have been not up until the last hour of the trade deadline.

So what happens now? GMs turn to the salary  Cap space as they look to re-sign key players and make difficult decisions that could reshape a players future. As the weeks go by, teams each week decided if they will entertain contract talks or wait until the off-season, that can reshape a franchise for many cycles. We look at all 32 XCFL rosters and list the top 5 *upcoming free agents from highest Overall ratings.

AFC East

BUF: HB – L. McCoy 87 OVR, QB-A. Smith 83 OVR, TE-C. Clay 81 OVR, LE-J. Hughes 80 OVR, P-J. Berry 78 OVR

MIA: LT – J. Sitton 84 OVR, P-M. Haack 79 OVR, CB-X. Howard 77 OVR, LB-D. Wilson 74 OVR, DT – A. Spence

NYJ: LB – J. Jenkins 80 OVR, P-L. Edwards 78 OVR, SS-T. Brooks 76 OVR, LT-K. Beachum 76 OVR, LB – D. Lee 74 OVR

NE: WR – J. Edelman 84 OVR, TE-D. Allen 81 OVR, RE-A. Clayborn 80 OVR, LB-K. Van Noy 75 OVR, LB – E. Roberts 74 OVR

AFC West

DEN: WR – E. Sanders 85 OVR, WR-D. Thomas 84 OVR, RE-R. Ayers Jr. 79 OVR, HB-M. Lynch 79 OVR, DT – A. Gotsis 77 OVR

LAC: QB-P. Rivers 84 OVR, WR-T. Benjamin 82 OVR, LE-C. Avril 77 OVR, P-D. Kaser 75 OVR, C-M. Pouncey 74 OVR

KC: DT-X. Williams 74 OVR, SS-E. Murray 70 OVR, LG-P. Ehinger 68 OVR, LT-D. Gordon 66 OVR, QB-C. Litton 65 OVR

OAK: RT-R. Hudson 91 OVR, WR-S. Roberts 78 OVR, HB-D. Washington 74 OVR, FS-D. Nsekhe 71 OVR, WR-S. Coates Jr. 68 OVR

AFC North

CIN: WR-AJ. Green 93 OVR, HB-G. Bernard 86 OVR, QB-A. Dalton, RG-S. Wisniewski 75 OVR, LG-C. Boling 75 OVR

CLE: WR-J. Gordon 84 OVR, SS-D. Randall 81 OVR, C-JC. Tretter 78 OVR, LE-C. Nassib 76 OVR, LB-J. Martin 75 OVR

BAL: LB-M. Judon 82 OVR, HB-A. Collins 82 OVR, SS-E. Weddle 81 OVR, LB-C. Matthews 81 OVR, QB-C. Keenum 81 OVR

PIT: HB-D. Henry 87 OVR, C-M. Pouncey 81 OVR, CB-J. Haden 81 OVR, DT-J. Hargrave 81 OVR, LB-B. Dupree 74 OVR

AFC South

IND: TE-J. Doyle 86 OVR, HB-L. Blount 80 OVR, DT-A. Woods 78 OVR, RE-J. Simon 78 OVR, QB-J. Brissett 76 OVR

JAX: WR-K. Cole 81 OVR, TE-M. Lewis 79 OVR, RT-J. Parnell 74 OVR, FS-C. Davis 74 OVR, LB-D. Payne 71 OVR

HOU: DT-M. Daniels 92 OVR, WR-W. Fuller V 90 OVR, HB-L. Miller 86 OVR, DT-DJ. Reader 83 OVR, LB-W. Mercilus 81 OVR

TEN: LB-B. Orakpo 82 OVR, WR-R. Matthews 82 OVR, RT-J. Conklin 82 OVR, P-B. Kern 79 OVR, C-B. Jones 77 OVR

NFC East

DAL: LB-S. Lee 88 OVR, WR-A. Hurns 84 OVR, RG-A. Levitre 75 OVR, SS-J. Heath 75 OVR, HB-T. Rawls 74 OVR

PHI: SS-M. Jenkins 90 OVR, K-J. Elliott 82 OVR, HB-C. Clement 78 OVR, P-C. Johnston 73 OVR, WR-C. Wilson 71 OVR

NYG: WR-S. Shepard 83 OVR, FS-K. Jackson 79 OVR, HB-J. Stewart 76 OVR, DT-M. Loewen 74 OVR, K-D. Cannon 71 OVR

WAS: HB-C. Thompson 84 OVR, LE-M. Ioannidis 83 OVR, WR-J. Doctson 79 OVR, CB-T. Moore 70 OVR, DT-T. Settle 68 OVR

NFC West

SF: K-R. Gould 84 OVR, DT-B. Allen 77 OVR, RE-C. Marsh 74 OVR, TE-G. Celek 74 OVR, WR-K. Bourne 73 OVR

ARZ: K-A. Vinatieri 82 OVR, CB-M. Canady 73 OVR, QB-M. Glennon 72 OVR, LG-L. Taylor 72 OVR, LG-E. Boehm 72 OVR

LAR: CB-A. Talib 85 OVR, HB-C. West 80 OVR, K-G. Zuerlein 80 OVR, QB-N. Foles 80 OVR, LB-N. Bowman 77 OVR

SEA: FS-E. Thomas III 91 OVR, WR-J. Brown 77 OVR, LB-M. Lee 70 OVR, DT-E. Qualls 69 OVR

NFC North

CHI: DT-S. McLendon 78 OVR, K-R. Succop 77 OVR, SS-M. Killerbrew 74 OVR, P-J. Ryan 74 OVR, LB-K. Minter 73

DET: HB-T. Riddick 84 OVR, FS-G. Quin 84 OVR, RG-TJ. Lang 82 OVR, FS-C. Geathers 79 OVR, WR-A. Humphries 79 OVR

GB: RE-B. Graham 90 OVR, WR-R. Cobb 86 OVR, RG-B. Bulaga 80 OVR, C-C. Linsley 77 OVR, K-M. Crosby 77 OVR

MIN: TE-K. Rudolph 86 OVR, SS-A. Sendejo 83 OVR, WR-W. Snead IV 76 OVR, RE-T. Bower 69 OVR, LB-E. Wilson 69 OVR

NFC South

TAM: RT-D. Dotson 83 OVR, QB-J. Winston 80 OVR, CB-V. Hargreaves III 79 OVR, RE-N. Spence 79 OVR, CB-R. Smith 74 OVR

ATL: P-M. Bosher 81 OVR, LB-V. Beasley Jr. 81 OVR, RE-B. Reed 80 OVR, SS-R. Parker 78 OVR, RE-J. Bullard 75 OVR

CAR: LB-S. Thompson 81 OVR, LB-B. Irvin 80 OVR, CB-R. Cockrell 76 OVR, RE-M. Addison 76 OVR, DT-V. Butler Jr. 75 OVR

NO: WR-M. Thomas 93 OVR, WR-C. Meredith 85 OVR, RE-A. Okafor 82 OVR, TE-J. Cook 79 OVR, C-M. Unger 77 OVR

*Free Agents listed above could have already re-signed with their teams prior to the posting of this article.

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