Saints: Looking up from Hell to the Heavens

New Orleans, LA — Are the Saints looking to go win-less this season? If they are, it’s four games to permanently enshrining their name in history sitting at (0-12).

After the acquisition of Cam Newton at the trade deadline the team improved their quarterback situation for the time being. With Trevor Siemian on IR and a young Chandler Henson waiting in the wings, the team will probably not take a quarterback in this upcoming draft, at least that is what we’re led to believe but you never know. After all, this is the XCFL!

Who are the Saint’s looking up too? For one, the only direction is up when you’re at rock bottom and if they are looking to turn things around they will need help from the league. Literally, from the league, as the top teams in the XCFL have been successful. The Saints need to emulate those teams and need to find out how they tick to be the best at what they have on the roster.

We reached out to coach Sean Payton and asked him:

Q: What team do you look up to in the league?

A: The Falcons. We see them twice a season and they have a solid scheme all around. They never seem to be short on talent and they fly around on defense like fly’s on any size of poop. They just seem to run into hitting the wall though in the playoffs but they have what it takes to win the big game and I want their success to rub off on our players.

Q: Can you tell us what it feels like to be on the brink of an (0-16) season?

A: I honestly don’t know because I don’t believe we will get there and I’ve never been there. You know, this team shows flashes of greatness when they want too but when the offense gets inside the Red Zone and the 10, things just explode. It’s simply bad luck on both sides of the ball. If we do get to (0-16), you’ll not want to interview me. I promise I will not be nice, you have been warned.

Things don’t look good from the injury side as the team had to place four players on Injured Reserve for the first time. Could the injury list be waiting for more? Hell can always use more company and the Saints are stuck in the Hell called 2021.

It’s time for the Saints to start looking up to the Heavens and no better time to do it from the depths of Hell! The Hell is getting hotter and adding more fuel to the fire will be these teams waiting with a combined (18-18) records:

The Panthers roll into New Orleans for week 14 with their (1-11) record and both teams will meet again in week 16 in Carolina. Saints will have to really keep the game plan focused on their defense away from Luke Kuechly their top tackler. On offense keeping focus on Christian McCaffrey and Kelvin Benjamin, their top scoring TD producers. Outlook: Purgatory

The Falcons roll into Superdome in week 15 with their maybe (12-1) or (11-2) record. Saints fell to the Falcons in week 8 by a whopping 34-7 score. The race for MVP Chance Saleh turned in a near perfect outing that included a one interception, 16/20, 377-yards passing, 4TDs. WR D. Office was the recipient of that outing. No questions here, the Saints will have their hands full with their mash unit. Outlook: Hell

The (6-6) Bills currently will roll into town with a chance to keep the Saints winless, if it comes to that in week 17 season closer. Cam Newton if healthy enough may want to close out this game as the Bills traded him away because ownership simply did not like him. It’s only fitting he will be pumped for this game. If the Saints coaching staff wants to see younger players play, then we won’t get the game from Cam but it would be nice. Saint’s stay away from making history. Outlook: Heaven

Whether you like or hate the Saints, Easter Sunday is less than a week away and it marks time for new beginnings. The one thing the Saints are looking up to is getting out of Hell and getting closer to a Heavenly win.

Until next time, Let’s Go SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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