Redskins GM Signs New Multi-year Contract

After successfully rebuilding the Washington Redskins on the fly, general manager Jack Tyler has been rewarded with a new eight-year contract.

Tyler, now 28, had been working without a contract since May 31. He had been working on what we call a “handshake agreement” in the meantime. There was never anything to suggest he would leave the Redskins at any point, however.

The new eight-year contract comes after Tyler and his staff successfully executed what amounts to a full franchise rebuild. The Redskins had a bunch of good draft picks, top free agent signings and became more competitive without ever tanking or even finishing below the top half of the XCFL. Their lowest win total in Tyler’s tenure has been 7 wins, amazingly. And that was his first season where he inquired a lackluster roster.  Since then, Tyler’s Redskins have made the playoffs in every season and have been to three straight Super Bowl’s, winning one.

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