Good afternoon XCFL fans. Im J.T. “the Brick” your XCFL Raiders insider. Well being that Oakland doesnt know if they wana be good or suck this season im stepping out into LEAGUE wide news. In this segment i will give my opinion on who i feel is playing above their means to this point in the season. By above their means im talking about size, attributes, yrs in the lg ect. Todays segment will cover the offensive side of the ball. Lets get right to it shall we. In no particular order.

#1- NYG QB B. Hepner

Why Hepner? Well one hes controlled by a coach that has ZERO clue about the X’s & O’s of the game of football. NYG getting away with playing CAL-POLY toss it up cause our WR’s are faster then your DB’s type football speaks volumes to ALL who have lost to Coach Chadwick. Also when you dig into Hepners traits he has a “paranoid sense of pressure” yet he still has a 112.3 QBR and has completed 65% of his passes. The kid is out kicking his covrage for sure.

#2 RB N. Hines

Hines currently sits at the top of the lg in rushing. How is he playing above his means? Well call me Al Davis for this comment but this little shit is TINY! N. Hines stands just 5′ 9″ and weighs 197lbs! Yet he still has logged 50 broken tackles in his career AND isnt afraid to run between the tackles. Hes also no the strongest guy in the world either. So the overall knock here is his size… But hey keep doing your thing Nyheim.

#3 WR D. Newman

Whats the issue here? Again SIZE. This dude weights 177lbs HOW has he not been broken and folded in half like a lawn chair? Newman sits in the top 5 in receiving yards and hes ROOKIE who was picked in the 3RD ROUND of the draft. Is this guy avoiding the middle of the field all together and just running the Randy Moss route tree? Either way the kid is playn great and i hope i havent put him on blast and teams start targeting him with “agressive tackle”

#4 RG D. Peterson

Ok guys heres where things get interesting and a debate may spark up. #1 Peterson is a ROOKIE & has played 7 gms 273 downs and given up ONE sack! #2 The kid is slow as pond water (66spd\ 63acc), weak as HELL (79 STR). How is this kid not getting mauled every snap and having QB M. Stafford run for his life every play? One sack on 273 snaps? Hes playn all world level if u ask me.

#5 LG Q. Kowlalewski

Now this one is mind boggling as hell. 7gms played, 300 downs, ONE sack given up. Whats so crazy about that? Hes weak (83 STR) dumb as all get out (60AWR) and lastly his PASS BLOCK IS A 66! How is this 2nd yr guy getting away with attitudes like this and still playn at an ELITE level? Hes also listed as a Power guard…. That makes zero sence.

Well again this is all opinion based. Dont fill my inbox with hate mail. Thats all ive got for today guys. Be sure to tune in for my DEFENSIVE segment when it drops. As always im J.T. “the Brick” reminding you all theres only ONE nation, RAIDER NATION!!!

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