Pats Fans Chant “Why us”

Well football fans of America, your dreams have came true. The Pats finally suck. It only took 20 years but we can lock it in now. Bet every dollar you have to your name on the under of the pats win total this season. Ask your momma ask your closet friends and put all your money together and win this free money. The pats have just signed HC Jon Eagle. Yes you read that correctly. The man with a career record of 53-99 just somehow found a job. 

You also might not believe this statement but the trash ass AFC East just got wayyyyyyy worse. Id rather have the Bengals HC then Jon Eagle and he hasn’t won a game in like 2 fuckin years. Lets look at everything john accomplished in the XCFL.

1. Multiple arrests

2. Proved to be a pussy nark

3. Had a total of 12 “ducks” of the very good Giants user

4. Managed to take a super bowl winning team and burry them 6 feet under

5. Was at the forefront of a few of the worst trades in XCFL history.

Looks like a pretty shitty resume to me. From the basement of the XCFL and his moms house straight to a Patriots team that he’ll burn to the ground. He will be begging his mom to let him back in no time. 

The picture shown above is a few weeks after being run out of Philly and when his mom wouldn’t let him back. She actually took it to social media saying “my son is a fucking bum, he will never be aloud in this house again. Philly im truely sorry”

Honestly, i can see him coaching 3 games, losing by 25 each game then going into hiding or a tree;). The drama is just starting to boil in New England and i cant fucking what to watch it burn.

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  1. Jonathan Eagle
    Jonathan Eagle

    YOOOOOO I GOT A FAMILY. LMAO, this was hilarious.

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