Pats bring in a new Coach (Again)

BOSTON, Mass. — Well Marky Mark, the good vibrations are over kid.

We go from Billy B, his 5 rings, and his 280–130 (.683) record to Coach Rich. Rich lasts a whole 1.5 weeks and then leaves. He didn’t like Coach Boone and the Texans dropping 45 on his new staff, so he took his ball and went. Athletes and coaches in Beantown have become awfully sensitive to last second points lately https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/celtics-kyrie-irving-slams-jamal-murray-for-last-second-shot-attempt/.

Now we enter Post-Rich Era (lol). What do you want to hear? The Pats went out and got the next best thing, right? The next McVay, they took a shot on a young guy like Kingsburry, we brought back McDaniels? Wrong. Bob Kraft takes a step back and must of said to himself: “Man I’m really sick of it, the playoffs, the winning, the Lombardi’s… all of it.” So he goes out and he gets himself a retread in HC Jon Eagle. I know the glass half full types are thinking Bill wasn’t that great in Cleveland the first time around. First off let me say this, Bill Belichick is god, kid. Jon Eagle, I mean he coached the Birds into the playoffs and then went full Chip Kelly after that. He sent Kevin Bassey AND Gordon Todd to the place where promising NFL careers die… Detroit. Thank god Tommy is retired, or before I could even introduce the guy he would of shipped him somewhere.

If you look at the schedule the Pats still can pretty much “control their destiny”. When you use phrases like that AND it’s week 8, you know it’s not on to Cincinnati, it’s on to the draft. They host the Bills next. That gives Eagle about two weeks (with the bye) to implement his fantastic offense. They then take a trip to Miami. After that, due to some incredible scheduling by the league, they travel to Buffalo to watch some drunk girl get thrown through a burning table I’m sure. So there it is, all out in front of him and the Pats.

One last tid bit I did find funny, when we had Bill, the Giants beat us twice in the Super Bowl. Now we have a Coach in Eagle that absolutely destroys the Giants like clockwork, but there is no chance we ever get back to the Super Bowl with him. Pretty ironic.

That’s all the good news for now, we will keep you updated on all things Pats as usual.

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