One Last Ride

As the new season approaches, there are major changes in the Patriots from office! Long time Head Coach Bill Belichick will be in his final year as a coach in New England. The bigger surprise here, is that he’s not gonna be head coach, but will be in the background assisting new Head Coach hire, Vinnie Jordan.

It has been reported that Belichick will be helping Coach Jordan in the transition from the New Orleans to New England as he was interim head coach last year for Sean Peyton who had some health issues and is back as the Saints GM. Coach Belichick is excited about this transition for not only himself but Coach Jordan who he feels has the potential to keep this team at a high level as they were under him.

Coach Vinnie Jordan comes in with all expectations in his first year to make a run for the Lombardi. We asked him if he thought he was getting ahead of himself a little and he responded, “Anybody going into something not expecting to reach the best outcome is already setting themself up to not reach the highest mark. I go into this with the mindset that we can win the Superbowl and I push my players everyday and expect the best from them.

If I dont push my players everyday, and try to get their very best in everything, I’ve already failed them and failed this organization and don’t deserve to have this job. And thats not what I’m about. So to answer your question, no I’m not getting ahead of myself but I am trying to get ahead of the competition.”

So folks, there you have it. That’s what is going on in the Patriots organization. Catch us next time on “The Pat Down” and see what the team is doing next.

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