Not Again! Injury Bug Bites Arizona

Here we go again…

That’s the feelings of most Cardinals fans after it was learned this week during the team’s Week 5 bye that the team would be without rookie left tackle Dayvon McClain as well as quarterback Josh Rosen for a minimum of five weeks.

The injuries, both of the shoulder variety, will get second opinions this week while the team is on hiatus. When asked about the blows to the starting lineup, head coach Kurt Warner voice some frustration.

“It stinks frankly,” Warner said on Monday. “These guys trained hard all offseason, did everything we asked to get themselves in shape for the season, and just caught a bad break.” The bad breaks Warner is referring to are the seemingly routine plays both stars were injured on. Rosen was brought down late in Sunday’s loss to Philadelphia while McClain was taken off the field after what appeared to be a stinger but was later revealed to be a tear in the shoulder.

“I’m pissed!” McClain said Monday while riding a bike at the team facility. “All I want to do is be out there with my brothers, stackin’ em up like we work at IHOP. Nobody is more upset than I am.”

McClain may have some competition in the upset department. As a result of his absence, the Cardinals gave up seven sacks on Sunday, including the hit that would eventually knock out Rosen. This is enough to make even the best QBs wake up with night terrors.

Speaking of QBs, rumors are beginning to swirl that Arizona is testing the waters on bringing in a backup QB to run point while Rosen is sidelined. Second-string QB Marcus Flanagan left much to be desired in his limited playing time in the preseason and on Sunday in relief of Rosen. Suitors are said to be Chicago and Cleveland, but official word has not come down from the league office.

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