No. 9 QB Glenn Moorman

Yesterday we highlighted Stud OLB T.Fraser   

Today we move up to spot number 9 of the best 10 rookies from the XCFL 2024 season!!


..With the 8th pick in the 2024 XCFL Draft, the LA Chargers select… Glenn Moorman, QB, Oklahoma!


Cam Newton?! The Chargers will not remember this name after this year! Cam throwed in 2023 only 16 TD, 22 INT’s and only for 3000 yds!

QB1 Glenn Morman, the 22 year old Rookie played from week 1 and started into the XCFL like a rocket. In his first game he throws 2 TD and for 334 yds, bringin the Chargers the win over the Broncos and a lot of Cconfidence in the upcoming season!

The Chargers end the season with 12 wins while Moorman throwed 25 TD’s and over 4000yds! 

He also gets sacked 45 times….i mean, Imagine if this QB had a working O-line in front of him!!


Right now Moorman stay in the the Divisional-round vs the Dolphins. Thats an amazing Work for an Rookie in his age and we want to show back his best highlights of this season in a short Video!

Have fun Fellas! 

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