NFC playoff predictions

We did the AFC a few weeks ago and now it is time to look at the NFC playoff picture. We will try to figure out who gets seeded where and who gets left out in the cold. The NFC has been the AFCs big brother with only the Ravens and Titans able to beat the winner of this brutal conference.  The same teams seem to be in contention as always but there are a few new(to the playoffs at least) faces looking to get into the big dance!

#1 seed: New Orleans Saints(16-0) The other Big B currently sits at 10-0 and has a very favorable schedule going forward with only the Pats and Falcons above .500%. The Dolphins and Panthers are at .500% but the Saints should be able to make easy work of all these teams for ONE reason. That is their defense. The Saints defense is 1st in virtually every statistical category, it is already cementing itself as one of the best of all times and this is only though 10 games. The other thing the Saints do better then anyone this season is run the football. The number 1 rushing attack led by the big bruiser Rashaad Poyer has been virtually unstoppable.  Poyer, who seems to be Ron Dayne reincarnated, already has more then 200 carries this season and is on pace to smash any total he had previously in his career. If Poyer can stay healthy, this team is going to be almost impossible to beat this winter. Great defense and a great rushing attack are the recipes for a Super Bowl Championship as of late and the Saints seem to have all the ingredients. Mix this with Brent already going undefeated and winning it all once in his XCFL career and you can see why the Saints are set up for success.

#2 seed: Chicago Bears (13-3) The best the regular season has to offer, Tosh and the Chicago Bears have been a perennial top 2 seed in the NFC. Every year it looks like this is going to be their year till the playoffs come and the brutal NFC schedule catches up with them. Whether it be significant injuries or losing to someone he beat previously, Tosh has been unable to get it done when it matters most.  The Bears currently sit at 8-2 and have played the meat of their schedule. They only team they have close to above .500 remaining is the Redskins who will be vying for the same spot.  Look for Tosh to run the table or slip up once against the Redskins, either way we see the Bears sliding into the 2 spot and earning themselves a bye.  ******THIS IS CONTINGENT ON INTERNET CONNECTION AT THE BEACH AND IF THE TWINS DECIDE TO THROW DOWN WITH EACH-OTHER DURING GAMES

#3 seed: Washington Redskins (12-4) Jack has been to an incredible 3 straight Super Bowls, he won two seasons ago but brought great shame upon the NFC when he gave them their first Super Bowl in a loss to Regan and then most recently gave the Titans(GASP) the 2nd. Despite that, the Skins have seemingly showed the undefeated Saints how to win this cycle, consistently having a top defense and rushing attack. They currently rank 2nd or in the top 10 in almost every major statistical defensive category.  On top of that, they have the 4th best rushing attack, 7th best passing attack and 2nd overall offense. This team is built to win games and it has shown.  They do have a tough end to the season though with 3 straight games against current playoff teams in the Raiders, Seahawks and the big one against the Bears.  Known for losing to Josh in the regular season and then beating him in the playoffs, we predict the Skins will lose to 2 of 3 games and then beat 2 of those 3 opponents in the playoffs and/or Super Bowl.

#4 seed: Arizona Cardinals (11-5) OK, so hear me out.  The Cards are always one step behind the Seahawks when looking for a playoff berth. Currently sitting at 5-5 and the Hawks at 6-3, it looks like its going to be much of the same BUT the Cards have a very favorable schedule and for the sake of not having the same people in every playoff, were going to go ahead and assume the Cards take advantage of that.  They have one more game against the Hawks remaining, a home game. They also have a home game against the 9-1 Jags.  We are going to assume the Cards beat the Hawks and possibly but unlikely the Jags. Winning out and securing their first playoff berth. Their other games all are very winnable(and the Hawks schedule isn’t) and Mr. IWRECK is going to get his first playoff berth!

#5 Seed: Green Bay Packers (12-4) Mr. Larson balanced having a baby(his wife had the baby, not him) and playing a brutal schedule and did so admirably.  The Pack played the Skins, Bears, Saints and Ravens in their 4 of 5 games from week 4-10 and unfortunately came out of those 4 games with 4 losses.  Those 4 losses though were by no more then a touchdown each game and those teams have a combined 35-5 record. So now that Nick is through the heart of his schedule and the baby is finally home, he can rest easy knowing that he doesn’t face another team above .500% and should cruise into the playoffs(as long as Mrs. Larson doesn’t make him fold the league forever because he forgets to change the babies diapers again before playing).

#6 Seed: Atlanta Falcons (10-6) The Falcons are going to get in ahead of the Seahawks as the wild card due to a week 1 victory over the Hawks.  The Falcons have a favorable schedule remaining, despite 2 games agains the undefeated Saints. If the Falcons can take care or business against everyone else, they should have another playoff berth and can get knocked out by Jack again in the wild card round. Have fun!

Just Missed the Cut: Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles

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