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Skol Focus Weekly

Offensive woe’s continue to create issues for the defense, who’s been playing remarkably well for this season given the teams previous 3 seasons. Whether…

Cincinnati BengalsTeam News

The Jungle Book Episode 19 : Unleash the Beast

There’s an old saying in the Jungle; “…better to stare into the tiger’s eyes, than into the cold eyes of a beast…”. The beast…

Power Rankings

2025 Week 5 top 10

Whats up XCFL fans! Here we are producing a way too early top 10 power rankings as we sit here on a holiday weekend….

Draft NewsTeam News

Law and Order – A Draft Story

Is it too early to share a good draft story? I figured you would say no, lets take a moment and talk about a…

Arizona Cardinals

Who is Marquis Carter?

Who is Marquis Carter? On the surface, Marquis Carter is the first-round pick and young up-and-coming wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Carter’s presence…