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Arizona Cardinals

Love is in the Air… And on the Ground

No, that’s not Valentine’s Day you smell coming up. That’s the start of the XCFL Season. After an utter disappointment in their Season 23 campaign, the Cardinals are back to take a shot at the NFC West crown, something they have not accomplished in quite some time. An up and down rookie year for Frank…

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Arrowhead Pride: Top 5 Surprise Picks

Here is our list of the top 5 surprise draft picks in last nights XCFL 2025 Draft. #1 – Pittsburg Steelers (#3 Overall) – HB Eric Ajirotutu 80ovr This pick pick i think surprised everyone. Good player, but truly a second round talent. Taking this guy #3 overall with all the talent that was left…

Cincinnati BengalsGreen Bay PackersTeam News

The Jungle Book Episode 18 : Jumanji

In what might go down as one of the luckest draft day moves in the history of the XCFL. The Bengals made a bold move to trade down fourteen spots with the Green Bay Packers, secure a speedy WR and still get there number one target on there big board in Rodriguez Dobbins DT! Rodriguez…

Kansas City ChiefsTeam News

Arrowhead Pride: Episode 7 – The Great Build

The Chiefs team has really started to take shape and can finally be in a place to make a legitimate run at the playoffs. The Chiefs have been building this team over three seasons since GM Higgie has taken over. They have purged out most of the previous administration with the exception of our two…

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Arrowhead Pride: Top 5 Draft Prospects

With the XCFL 2025 draft set to kick off tonight, were going to list our top prospects who we believe will go in the top 5. #1 Denver Broncos – This one is a no brainer, with Mariota on the trade block the Denver Broncos are, without a doubt, taking Heisman Trophy winner, QB Hansen…

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Good vs. Great: 10 Most Talented XCFL Rosters of Last Season

    Every team in the XCFL has talent. Let’s get that straight. Every single team has one or two players that completely outshine the rest of the league in one way or another. However, in a highly competitive league like the XCFL, one or two stars won’t win you a ring. This is a…

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Father O’Rodriguez recovering from the MET Gala festivities on his yacht in St. Tropez pondered the future regarding his ownership of the Dolphins.  His ownership of the team came with a massive challenge as he inherited a team in shambles and a disgusted fan base.  A resuscitated Dolphins franchise would do a lot for the…

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No. 7 Howard Harper

What to say about Howard Harper, Baltimores 3rd round pick?…. This Kid had just an incredible year! Aside of Star MLB C.J.Mosley he had 27 Tackles, 1 Sack, 2 FF 4 Interceptions and a TD! We cant wait to see this guy in 2025 again…until then we had create a little highlight video for that…


Impact Scores

Another Season In the books and another round of impact scores according to Daddyleagues.  An impact score is your team’s total number of (sacks+takeaways)- (sacked+giveaways).  These are huge parts of the game and a higher number usually leads to success but there are always some that buck the trend.  Below is attached the entire chart…



As another season wraps up, playoffs hopes have been dashed, some way sooner than expected.  Most of the faces returning to the dance are familiar, but we just can’t deny that there were teams we expected to be amongst the best at the end.  We’ll take a look at those who failed expectations.    1….