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League Pass/Run %

I was struggling to come up with a unique article idea for this week, but reading through chat and seeing some fireworks, I decided to break down the Pass-Run percentages of each team.  To do this I took total pass attempts and added times sacked and compared it to run attempts.  So far this season…

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Arrowhead Pride: Week 8 Pickems

Our first attempt at Pickems was a success. We ended up getting 8 out of the 14 picks correct, hopefully this week is better! Here is Week 8! WEEK 8                                         OUR PICK Bears AT Packers…

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Band of Brothers

With the XCFL Draft just three weeks away, I wanted to share a story of a trio from USC. Dalton, Immanuel, and Anthony. These three athletes have played together in High School and College and now all three look to make the jump to the XCFL. Dalton Breckner the Senior wide receiver, at USC is…

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Niner Nation Stat Chat

With 7 games in the books, its time for the nerds in the basement to break out their pocket protectors and TI-84 Plus color graphing calculators and take a look at where there 49ers stack up statistically against the league. Lets take a look at offense first: offensively 49ers rank 7th in total offensive and…


Rookie QB Fantasy Impact

Last draft it was obvious that the QB position was the deepest and most exciting.  This late into the cycle the need for QB was rather low so we saw some great prospects fall later in the draft than we normally would have.  Let’s take a look at our top 5 after 6 full weeks….


Bears Nation S7W6

Goss Leads 2nd Half The rivalry game with the Lions is always a battle.  It was no different this time as the Lions and Bears were all square at 14 in the 3rd quarter.  The offense had sputtered and the defense gave up back to back drives for scores and it looked like the momentum…

Miami DolphinsTeam News


Draft picks: Stanford FS Henry Smith 81 OVR (No. 14 pick), Pittsburgh DT Vaughn Ponder 76 OVR (No. 22 pick), Mississippi State LT Elijah Hardison 76 OVR (No. 81 pick), Minnesota DE Trey Delgado 76 OVR (No. 86 pick), Wisconsin FB Kody Quaccia 67 OVR (No. 96 pick), Auburn RT Wyatt Linsley 72 OVR (No….

Cincinnati BengalsTeam News

The Jungle Book Episode 15 : Bad Breaks

The Bengals sure know how to deflate a party atmosphere. We started out three and zero, all three games were division games. We went on the road tests of road tests against two Super Bowl champions (Redskins and Ravens) and an upcoming team in the Dolphins. We knew the road would be tough, and truth…


Top 5 Most Lopsided Trades this cycle of XCFL

Trades are certainly not a rarity in the XCFL. These 5 trades are the most mind-numbingly lopsided trades this cycle.   Number 5: Panthers get: MLB Gareef McBride – 94 OVR – 26 yrs old & FS Jamal Adams – 93 – 29 yrs old Jets get: OLB Logan Morrow – 96 OVR – 25…

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Arrowhead Pride: Week 7 Pickems

Were approaching the half way mark in another great season in the XCFL. In this new segment we want to predict the winners for the upcoming week. Hopefully this gives guys either some added confidence or motivation to prove us wrong! WEEK 7                        …