Miami Dolphins Partners with Sports Illustrated

Miami’s partnership with Sports Illustrated brought the photo cover shoot to the sandy beaches of South Beach.  Last cycle’s ownership partnered with The Male Room in a deal that trafficked in young vibrant males with promises of an interpretive dance scholarship.  O’Rodriguez cut dies with the shady establishment and pursued SI and their prestigious Swimsuit Edition.  Surprisingly there was a bidding war with Mar-a-Lago who was also under new management with their longtime owner taking up the US presidency.  After months of negotiating, Miami secured the exclusive rights to the Swimsuit Edition in return for naming rights of the stadium fajita restaurants. 

 O’Rodriguez at 43 grew up with the likes of Rebecca Romijn, Angie Everhart, Kathy Ireland and Tyra Banks and wanted to return to those roots.  Angie was unavailable as she was admitted into an asylum after her brief relationship with Joe Pesci.  Rebecca’s schedule was busy with her husband’s D list career and his desire to reboot his mediocre show, Sliders.  This left Kathy and Tyra and as luck would have it, they would also be at the MET Gala he would be attending.  Employing his negotiating skills, O’Rodriguez was able to convince one in coming back.  To celebrate her return, she was promised the cover.  Please join us for the cover reveal:

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