Learning How to Use the XCFL Website

Well, the cat is out of the bag, the XCFL has a brand new website. No longer is our site forums based it is now on the content based WordPress platform. So with a new site comes learning how to use it.

The absolute first step is to register for the website as many of our menu items can only be seen and accessed by active, login in members.

First and foremost as mentioned above, the site has no forums. Which leads to several support questions like, how to submit a trade, or how to post league news and update your profile. Well all those questions can easily be answered by taking a few minutes to read over our FAQ articles in the Rookie Symposium section of the website, or by following the links below. If after you have read over each article you still have trouble understanding how the website works, please contact the league Tech Nerd, Jim McMillen for help.

Under the “TEAM HQ” menu go to “Rookie Symposium” and at the minimum read the following articles to learn more about how the XCFL website works.

What to Do After Joining
How to Update Your Profile
How to Add League News

To Submit Team news on the XCFL website members can click the “Submit News” link at the top right hand corner of the website or via the drop down menu under “News“.

To Submit a Trade members must be registered and logged into the website and then they can see a menu Item called “SUBMIT A TRADE” click that link and it is as easy as filling out the trade submission forum and hitting submit. Your trade will then be sent to the league trade committee for review and both teams involved will be contact with a decision within 24 hours.

*DO NOT process your trade on the franchise until you have been given the go ahead and approval from the trade committee.

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