League Pass/Run %

I was struggling to come up with a unique article idea for this week, but reading through chat and seeing some fireworks, I decided to break down the Pass-Run percentages of each team.  To do this I took total pass attempts and added times sacked and compared it to run attempts.  So far this season the league has attempted 5920 pass plays and 4062 run plays making a league average of 59% pass and 41% run.  Before or after you dive into my hand made sheet a couple of unique stats pop out.

Teams that Run more than Pass

1. Baltimore 45% pass 55% run

2. Tennessee 48% pass 52% run

3. Arizona 49% pass 51% run

Teams with over 70% pass

1. New England 72% pass 28% run

2. Philadelphia 71% pass 29% run

Teams closest to 50/50

1. Arizona 49% pass 51% run

2. Miami 52% pass 48% run

3. Tennessee 48% pass 52% run

Dallas and Cleveland were the only 2 teams with the same breakdown as the league average!


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