League Activity Matters Now More than Ever

As the league grows and we bring new things for everyone to enjoy like Live Game Broadcast, highlights and Podcast, we want to remind everyone that the XCFL is a Content based league. Our members are required to utilize league created team twitter accounts, stay active on Discord and post team and league news.

We are no longer just a show up and play your games league. Our #1 priority is not winning games, but to be an active member of the community who contributes and gives back to the league. Not just a leech who shows up, schedules, plays the game then goes back into hiding.

Effective immediately all members will have their membership reviewed at the end of each season to make sure they are being active and going above and beyond to give back and contribute to the league. Those who only do the bare minimum and hardly show activity or just rush to meet the deadlines with three sentence news articles and a couple quick tweets will be subject to league removal. This goes for rookies and vets alike. We expect EVERYONE to step up their content game. Your status or time in the league will no longer matter if your activity is below par.

The XCFL prides itself on being one of the most active, content driven leagues on the planet and we expect every single member to contribute. So, it’s now or never, step up your game outside of the game or risk being a casualty and being replaced by fresh, new members who want to get involved and be active contributors to the league.

Also, if anyone wishes to get more involved with writing league news, helping on Podcast or live game broadcast, etc. Hit up a staff member to discuss.

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