Impact Scores

Another Season In the books and another round of impact scores according to Daddyleagues.  An impact score is your team’s total number of (sacks+takeaways)- (sacked+giveaways).  These are huge parts of the game and a higher number usually leads to success but there are always some that buck the trend.  Below is attached the entire chart but here are some highlights.

Top 5

1. Tenn 45

2. LaC 41

3. BUF 36

4. Cin 36

5. Bal 31

All the top 5 teams are from the AFC.  The outlier here are the Bengals as they are the only team not to make the playoffs.  Their ability to get sacks at a high rate and avoid sacks (+41) propelled them to this spot.

Bottom 5

32. Pit -36

31. NYJ -33

30. Car -32

29. Den -27

28. CLE -22

4 more AFC teams round out the bottom 5 with the addition of The Panthers.  This is a who’s who of the top draft picks in this upcoming draft.  Needless to say if you are getting sacked and turn the ball over at this high of a clip you aren’t going to have a good time.

+ score but no playoffs

Cincy, Jax, SF, Dal, NE, Min, NYG

– score but made the playoffs

Houston -12


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