How to Add League News

While some may think that adding a new post on the XCFL website (WordPress) is quite self-explanatory, many beginners find the interface a bit overwhelming. Not to mention, even the more savvy users are surprised to find the hidden gems on the posts screen. In this beginner’s guide, we will show you every feature on the add new post screen so that you can fully utilize all the features available.

To Submit Team news on the XCFL website members can Click the Submit News link at the top right hand corner of the website or via the drop down menu under “News

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Title and Content Boxes

Title and Content Boxes are the most noticeable areas on the Add New Post screen (see the screenshot below).

Yours might look slightly different depending on whether you are using the visual or the text editor.

You can switch between visual and text editor while writing a post, but we do not recommend switching as this could mess up your post’s formatting.

Visual Editor is a beginner friendly text editor with formatting buttons and a nice visual layout for content area. On the other hand, text editor is a plain text editor where you can actually see the HTML or write your own.

The content area is where you will write your post. You can use the formatting options from the toolbar or use one of the many keyboard shortcuts available which will speed up your writing process.

Add Images and Media

Between the title and content fields, there is a large Add Media button. You will need to click on it when you want to upload an image or any other media to your WordPress post. This will launch the media uploader in a popup window.

Simply click on the select files button to upload images or any other media to your WordPress site. You can also create image galleries and audio playlists from uploaded files.

Publishing Options

The WordPress post edit screen is divided into two columns. The column on your left contains the post title and content editor. On your right hand side, you have different meta boxes to configure post settings.

The top most meta box in this column is labeled Publish. This is where all the publishing options for your posts are managed.

1. Save Draft button stores a draft of the post or page that you are working on. WordPress also auto-saves your posts as you write them.

2. Preview button shows a live preview of your post. You can use it to see how your post will look after publishing.

3. Click on the edit link next to Publish, and WordPress will display the time and date options. You can use this option to schedule posts or create back dated post in WordPress.

4. Move to trash allows you to delete a WordPress post. Deleted posts live under trash, and you can restore them if you need to for up to 30 days.

5. Finally, the publish button makes your WordPress post public. Remember if you scheduled a post, then it will appear on your site on the scheduled date and time.

Adding Categories and Tags

You can sort your posts into categories and tags. The categories and tags meta boxes usually appear in the right hand column, below the publish meta box. (Select Your Team as the category and Team News if writing team news or League News, etc. if writing league based news. DO NOT SELECT FEATURED as a category.)

Do not Publish without selecting your category.

Featured Image (Post Thumbnails)

All post must have a featured image. You can easily search the web and find some to use. Images must not be smaller the 773×380. The league will also have a cache supply of  team related news images for every team to use. Ask for help if you are unsure where to find them.

Make sure you have added a Featured Image, selected the category, added a title and wrote the body text of your article before selecting publish. If you are unsure of anything do not hesitate to ask for help.

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