How could M20 change the XCFL (gameplay)

After a long day driving, I thought of an article that didn’t talk about best/worst or the upcoming party, aka Team Draft.  With a new cycle comes and new version of Madden and new lofty expectations that we are usually let down by.  There have been some big ideas that EA has told us they were adding to M20 and let’s just pretend they will all work correctly and not be patched to extinction.  How could these changes impact rules and gameplay of the XCFL.  Just off the top of my head and without much research I have gathered 5 new features that could impact the XCFL.

Nerfing LB animations/ Revamped Real Player Movement

This is a deficiency of the game that has caused a lot of leagues to modify rules each year.  This year developers have told us that Linebackers specifically will not trigger the super LB animations that we have grown accustomed to in recent versions.  In addition the RPM that was actually relevant before patches has been reworked to try and simulate more realistic player movement.  Could this result in a rule change? Specifically on defense where maybe the user will be able to try and attempt a user interception?  A hot topic item that would have people on both sides of the idea.  Until the game comes out we may not truly know.

Superstar X Factors

The newly introduced  X-factors that superstar players could process is obviously intriguing.  The possibility of certain players getting boosts in certain situations or having abilities to do things few other players can will put a premium on certain players.  Could a player that is older and not as “valuable” hold his value longer because of an X-Factor trait?  Will these traits be OP and cause the balance of a game to be too lopsided?  In the XCFL we may see Trade values of certain players change from the past too.

EA trying to reduce spam (spin,strip,block shed)

In the past couple of Maddens the term “spam” has become a common theme.  The talent of mashing a button sometimes until your controller breaks in hopes that you are successful.  EA devs have mentioned they want these skills to be less about hulk smashing and more about timing.  Could we see less than 4 spins a play? Will nick have to learn a new tackle button?  Will NWS have any idea what to do at a Dline without hitting A or X as fast as possible?  These are all cycle altering impacts that could change that game.

Offseason and Off the Field

EA wants Madden to be more like Real life, so let’s add diva attitudes and make money more of an impact.  Let’s say you have a stud WR year 1 but you see this new fast WR in the draft, next cycle you could piss off the Stud by drafting a new WR and you best be giving your Stud the touches he deserves or you could see some troubles in the locker room.  Imagine your low rated award winner you develop actually wants to be paid for how he produced during the season. That along with more realistic contracts could actually make contract offers and FA realistic and important and not a joke (Regan).

Could RPOs Rule Madden 20?

The new toy everyone will be anxious to mess with is the RPO.  A Read option on steroids adding a passing element to each play.  Players with that  Old school mentality are probably already pissed off about this new implementation.  With over 200+ new RPOs being added it seems like EA went all in with their new toy.  To mess with an RPO you need the QB to make a bad read,  this makes me wonder how the AI will react and what ability will we have as a user on defense to combat these plays.  RPOs can be the toughest plays to defend in real life if ran correctly.  In Madden, the Offensive player has the added ability to have a birds eye view of everything on the field.  How quickly will reads have to be made and decisions implemented? What type of penalties will there be for a bad read?  Just the tip of the iceberg here.

Misc. Points

– No aggressive pass rush- The whiners that cry every time they jump offsides because they have their players ears pinned back and anticipating the snap count can rejoice.  Assuming that CFM is still “sim” style mode, we will still see penalties and those whiners will probably be louder as it will be entirely madden’s fault and they aren’t just blaming madden for their own decision.

X-Factor Hot Routes- In one screen shot of an X Factor trait I saw on twitter the QB or WR had the abilities to add a post or a cross as a hot route.  With those 2 routes already so near and dear to many users hearts, it will be interesting to see how the crossing route can be added to new route combinations.

Enhanced Defense- I have no inside scoop but I am just hoping that the defense reacts better to certain routes/ combinations.  When you have 1 WR on a side of the field and 3 defenders in zone ignoring said WR, we can hope Defense has been enhanced.


These ideas don’t come with much research but are good talking points.  I am not going to proof read this so Take the typos as they are.


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