Fans Ripping-Kowski

DOLPHINS DIGEST – Like being a Dolphins  fan? Like being that fan that critics keep dissing your team? Maybe you should switch who you root for, but wait, can’t find that team? 

The Dolphins came into this 2020 season looking to make things right and they started by taking a proven collegiate quarterback in Anthony Ripkowski as the No.1 overall draft pick. Some will say owner Baptiste can’t run an organization but what if he can? Well, the can will need to be explained. With a 1-5 record to start off this season, things are pointing not in favor of the owner.

Fans are calling for Rip-ping-kowski. Has this pick let the Dolphins down? Stats will show the team has improved statistically with him under center. Quarterback play for the Phins has been pathetic while Tannehill was under center and when they drafted Ripkowski, the Tannehill days were numbered. Fans were in an uproar when Tannehill started the opener but quickly those boos turned into cheers. Ripkowski took the field and Tannehill was benched after a few passes.

Ripkowski at the moment has been sacked 19 time since becoming the starter in week 2. It’s slightly a surprise since he has a mediocre offensive line. Most experts would have predicted he would be sacked by this time 23-30 times.

So why are fans Ripping-kowski? It’s simply if your a Dolphins fan. It’s just his name, they love him and want him to sling the ball more. The Dolphins have recently become a balanced offense and are committed to the run more than they did in the past. We look inside the numbers:


Player Att Yds Avg Lng TD Pts
Kenyan Drake 53 183 3.5 16 2 30
Kalen Ballage 16 117 7.3 44 2 23
Lewis Guyton 5 8 1.6 6 0 1
Anthony Ripkowski 4 -4 -1.0 0 0

Drake has been the heavy favorite to get this running game going but fans want to see Ballage get more attempts as he has the better average per carry.


2020 Regular Season Passing
Player Cmp Att Cmp% Yds Avg TD Sack Int Rate Pts
Anthony Ripkowski 85 144 59.0 1209 8.4 4 19 9 70.0 47
Ryan Tannehill 20 45 44.4 226 4.6 0 5 3 32.1 3
Matt Turner 1 1 100.0 6 6.0 0 0 0 91.7

Ripkowski is an experiment and this experiment is not going anywhere anytime soon. Fans will continue to call his name weather he plays good or bad. They are invested as much as the owner Baptiste. We spoke to Baptiste:

“I attend all my teams home games and when the fans cheer or boo Ripkowski, I feel those chants. I love the kid and it’s easy for me to see the difference in him then what we had with Tannehill. It makes me happy to know the fans like this kid because it tells me we made the right decision. So the next time they Rip-kowski, it’s all in good and nothing bad.”

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  1. Jim McMillen
    Jim McMillen

    Steelers happy to take Rip off your hands lol

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