Eagles 53 Man Preview

As the deadline to trim down to a 53 man roster is fast approaching, let’s take a look at some of the battles going on in preseason.


No surprises here. With a healthy Wentz set to light the league on fire, or at the very least sweep the Giants for the next 6-7 seasons, the Eagles will likely take 2 QBs into the season. If you guessed SB LII MVP Nick Foles as the backup QB, you guessed correct.


It starts to get tricky at the back position. The Eagles are projected to carry 4 backs with them into the season. If they can not work out a deal to move Clement, he will likely be the #2 guy going forward. Ajayi has won the starting job. This leaves a talented group of 4 backs left for 2 spots. Power backs Matt Jones and Josh Adams are likely bidding for one spot. While, the speedier Donnel Pumphrey and Wendell Smallwood are probably fighting for the other.


Bad news for the fringe guys, the Eagles spent big and brought in stud WR Mike Evans from Tampa. Alshon, Agholor, and Evans are all locked in on the team and as the starters. After that it gets messy. It is likely Mike Wallace secures the 4th spot as the Eagles aren’t in desperate need of additional cap. Wheaton and Wilson were likely camp bodies and won’t make the team. That leaves the last spot up for Bryce Treggs and Shelton Gibson.


Ertz and Goedert are locked in. The other 3 guys will likely be cut, and if they add someone here, it will likely be a Run Blocking TE.


Kelce, Peters, Johnson, and Brooks are locked in as starters. Wisnewski will likely start at LG, unless some kind of deal is worked out in the last 2 weeks of preseason. The backups to move forward with us are Warmack, Seumalo, Vatai, Mailata, and Pryor. Darrell Greene has had a decent camp and he may make enough of a case to make the team.


The cuts aren’t the shocking part of this position, but rather who is reportedly to win starting jobs on the outside in 2018. Josh Sweat and Derek Barnett are expected to start. Brandon Graham, Chris Long, and Micheal Bennett are the likely reserves. If the Eagles drop to 4, Long would be the first casualty. They have been trying to move Graham. Bennett, if not traded, has value as someone who can play DT and DE.


Cox, Ngata, and Jernigan are obviously safe. Then there is 4 guys battling for what is likely the last spot and we are hearing Elijah Qualls is on track for the position.


Kamu Grugier-Hill and Bradham will be the starting OLBs. Hicks will be the starter in the middle and Nathan Gerry will see the field as the “6th man” of this squad, being utilized as the Will and the Mike in some packages. The Eagles are paper thin at LB. Outside of these 4 they have nobody who should be on a team, but they all have an opportunity due to their depth.


Sidney, Ronald, and Jalen will be the starters for the future. Sidney is likely the nickel corner as of now. Avonte Maddox and Rasul should stay on. Bausby and Sullivan will likely be cut.


McLeod and Jenkins still have a stranglehold of the jobs, however it has been reported the Eagles are looking to add another safety. Reaves or Roberts are likely to get a spot on the team based on potential alone. Maragos is expected to be cut, we still think the Eagles may add somebody here.

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