Coach BrianG Predictions (Part 1): North and South

AFC North: 1) Ravens 2) Bengals 3) Browns 4) Steelrs

Ravens: This division has been one by the Ravens every season but the first. Regan added all the RB’s in Free agency. He now has LeVeon Bell, Todd Gurley and Alvin Kamara.  He traded his 94 speed stud RB, Denard Hodge, for MLB Deion Jones who is one of the fastest in the game and solidifies an already great defense. Regan is a ground and pound team and it will be interesting to see what he does with his stable of AARP Running backs.  Expect a lot of read options and triple options on his way to a 13-3 record.

Browns: The man, the myth, the legend; Robert Morlock.  Warlock has made many moves this offseason and is on the cusp of breaking through.  They added wide receivers Tyreek Hill and Demarcus Logan via trades. These two WR will stretch the field and make it easier for all pro TE Riley Leake.  In the draft, Warlock made the trade for Logan and moved back in the draft but still got his guy, DT Rodriguez Dobbins. Dobbins was the strongest player in the draft and this will help Warlock stop the run against the powerful Ravens running attack. Morlock has made a lot of great moves but I Don’t believe it will be enough just yet to take over the divison. It will be interesting to see if he can stay in contention for a wild card

NFC North: 1) Packers 2) Bears 3) Vikings 4) Lions

Packers: What can you say, despite the resistance advertising that trading with Nick is a bad idea. Everyone still seems to do it. Packers acquired RB Mu Compton from the Redskins and TE Ross Joseph from the Jets.  Mu will give Nick a run game and make him even better, like he was wit Kamara. It seems also that Nick realized he needs a TE and went out and got one.  He tweeted pictures of Ross Joseph making plays so expect a little bit of change in the Packers offense.  In the draft he added a speed WR, like he needed more, Scott Schwartz from South Dakota State. Nick is going to win another super bowl. He has 4 guys at 99 currently and weapons everywhere.  If he can’t win the division and Super Bowl this season, then it all falls on the user for not getting it done. Hey Nick, don’t fuck this up.

Bears: Tosh has claimed his team has regressed into dust but the best user in the league will not go down easy.  Wentz, Goss, Lambert and the TE Carstens are going to be a force through the air. He acquired CMC from me and now has a much better version of Tarik Cohen.  Defensively, he lost Rueben Foster and got older but Coach Tosh is the best in the game and will make due with what he has.  It will be interesting to see if Tosh can make one more magical run. He finished the season last year at 15-1 because he rested his starters week 16. He also got very lucky when I snapped the ball 25 seconds early because I have no composure.  Bears finish second but expect to see them in the playoffs.

AFC South: 1) Titans 2) Texans 3) Jaguars  4) Colts

Titans:  Not going to say I’m the best user in the division and will still win the division with a really rough schedule but I think the Titans finish on top again. Letevin Phillip is an absolute stud and DeCicco won a super bowl and is very confident going into this season. The addition of Rueben Foster defensively just solidifies an already study defense.  #TitanUp

Texans: Listen, Boone is good on the sticks, he does a great job throwing the ball but his team management is awful. The Texans look like a jv team compared to the top guys. The only guy that belongs on the field is the DE Marcus Davenport and Tyrann Mathieu.  I could see Boone making another playoff this year but there is no super bowl in his future. He didn’t add a single impact player this offseason (yikes). Good Luck Boone

NFC South: 1) Saints 2) Buccaneers 3) Falcons 4) Panthers

Saints: Brents team is loaded. He is right behind Nick with 3 players at 99. DJ Moore and Deshaun Watson are right behind those guys and this team should never lose because of that. Last season Brent had his bachelor party in Vegas(really original dude) and ended up missing the playoffs on Sims.  Brent signed Aram Houston to play CB but this teams specialty is its front 4 who dominate games. I expect Brent to play very well this season and make a deep run in the playoffs

Buccaneers:  The Bucs are going to rise from the dead this season as Nick Z makes it so Josh doesn’t make the playoffs. Nick picked MLB Marshall Frost with the 3rd pick in the draft and he is an absolute star and only 21 years old.  Nick like to ground and pound and his big time running back Ronald Jones will be healthy and have a heck of a year as the Bucs fight for a playoff spot

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