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Good morning XCFL fans!

The season is about to kick off and the Bills are preparing for the preseason to kick off. We are just going to touch on a few key additions changes for the season for things to look out for as THE DYNASTY takes a new direction.

New Faces in New Places:

Two major new pieces were added that will shape the direction of the team from the draft. This starts with 1st round quarterback Josh Allen. A raw prospect with potentially the XCFLs most powerful arm are hoping to take Buffalo by storm. Gifted with all of the physical tools needed to be a modern classic, the team has been working heavily on reading defenses and getting the ball into the receivers hands and not through them.

MLB Tremaine Edmunds: Another physical specimen who was also taken in the first round. There has been some debate on inside or outside and he has worked as both on the defense. He is planning to be a key component to this defense if they plan to make it back to the playoffs.

WR Corey Coleman: This one was a surprise as the Browns left him in a box outside the stadium. Being the community team they are Buffalo went ahead and pushed him to WR 2. He is fast, and he may need to be as Josh Allen isn’t going to need be dropping the ball into the bread basket to start we imagine.

Not much else to report as we have yet to make it to preseason, but follow that twitter page and keep update as we expect a lot to come about as the season gets underway!

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