Buffalo Bills – Season in review – 2024

Good morning from the sunshine state, Buffalo fans! This is coach Jmo coming at you from my early vacation on a boat in Florida. I took this picture above as I was too sunburned to possibly show myself on social media.

Buffalo finished the season at 10-6 with a wildcard exit. No divisional crown as we lost both games to the .99 cent tuna cans, but we are expecting a rebound next year. The majority of the team will remain in tact, with a complete overhaul at WR as we only have 1 who had any catches returning and he was our 4th in rotation. Improving the outside will be a big key for the Bills as they look to improve their team whether it be FA or draft.

At QB Josh Allen had a down year to his standards. He did complete 65% of his passes but only had 3300 yards with 23 TDs 16 INTs and a relatively low 32 sacks.

HB we had some injuries throughout the year, but Waters finished with over 700 yards and 8 Tds while the old guard Hemsley added 400 and 7 Tds. Fullback Jaylen Samuels tacked on 300 and 6 Tds. All the runners avergaed over 4.5 YPC and overall the team did well on the ground.

At Wide out our top 3 targets will all be testing free agency next year, but dont be surprised if we see a return! Landry had 926 yards with 5 Tds Thielen 791 with 6 and Meredith had 461 with 4. No need on full names with these fellas as they’ve been around the block if you know what I’m saying.

Defense was our meat and potatoes last year although came up short in the playoffs. Buffalo came in with the 3rd best points per game defense in the regular season averaging 16 a game. Led by star CB Tre White who had 60 tackles, 10 INTs and 3 Tds once again was a leader on defense. New star Desean Watts added 19 sacks and 5 FF coming from the edge. DE Derek Rodriguez continues to show hes elite on the line tallying another 11 sacks putting him at 54 through 4 years.

Buffalo is entering the offseason with a clear need at WR as the cubbards at bare due to our own devices, but we have a plan Buffalo. Fear not Buffalo as we have full expectations to return as the AFC East champs next year! Phats Pins and Jet beware.

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